You deserve better.


I know that.


Visit anyone on the blogroll.  I’ll try again another day.  Maybe.

15 responses to “(Untitled)

  1. that cricket’s a bit of a showoff 😉

  2. the cricket sound…. will carry that with me through the work day. be well…

  3. Crickets from Ginny is better than just about anything else . . .

  4. I can enjoy a good tumbleweed… it reminds me of my boyhood, wandering around in the Mojave with a bucket catching lizards. No hat, no water, formative.

    Sanders Windpitted

  5. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, I love you anyway.
    I also hope someone visits me from your blogroll because I finally figured out how to use the phrase ‘Jump da Fuck Up’ in a post. Title too.

  6. You are right, we do deserve better. I will be expecting my Hohos in the mail, stat.

  7. Good luck. I’m struggling with it too right now.

  8. Well I for one deserve much worse, being the bastard son of a son of a bitch outa Carolina, wtf that all means …

    Crickets and tumbleweeds make me happy, so thanks a bunch Ginny!


  9. I didn’t even get past the cricket, and I was smiling. I got what I came for. What more do I need? 😉


  11. At least its something! Please don’t join the ranks of abandoned blogs, we love you! Write about your staircase, obnoxious outfits of the week, that pair of slippers that you might be convinced are out to get you (there’s a reason I don’t have slippers anymore…), you know, whatever! 😛

  12. The tumbleweed clip made me homesick for the Mojave. My hair used to look like those tumbleweeds. LOL

  13. Oh, man. You need a notebook so when you see something or hear something you can write it down. Or you could have an enemies list and why.
    Oh, random fact. Tumbleweeds are not native to the US. They’re native to Russia and came over on a wheat shipment back way back when California was actually Spanish.

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