Channeling Effie

When I was a kid, my little sister embarrassed the living hell out of me.


Now, I know it was because she was everything I wasn’t.


When I was sitting quietly in a corner, hoping no one would notice me, she was hugging strangers, laughing at full volume.  Where I would assume my questions were stupid, and leave them unasked, she would demand answers.  (When a lawyer was the guest speaker at one of our 4-H meetings, and he was answering questions about dry shit like contracts and land titles, my 7 year old sister posed the following question:  “So, let’s say a guy commits a murder, but he has a twin.  And somebody thinks they saw him do it, but it was really his brother.  What then?”)


Mostly, where I assumed I wasn’t good enough, that no one would like me, she couldn’t fathom the concept that anyone wouldn’t love her. 


My sister has a baby.


As she puts it, “12 lbs, 6 oz of charm!”  Baby girl is only 2 months old.


And when she enters a room, is carried through a building?


Baby girl smiles.  A lot.  You will love her.


And how could you not?



Every time I look at her, hear about her efforts to win over entire cities, it makes me think of the last couple of lines of “And I Am Telling You”, by Effie, in Dreamgirls.



“And you.  And you.  And you.  You’re gonna looooooove me!”


(But without all the desperation, unplanned pregnancy and general angst.)


18 responses to “Channeling Effie

  1. My baby has the ability to make people happy. Looking at him just changes something, and all of a sudden whatever they were concerned about doesn’t matter. Looks like he’s not alone there.

  2. that’s a brilliant smile – never seen one like that on a 2 month old critter! added bonus? if the power goes out, bet she can light up the room. well, maybe after she gets some teeth…

  3. I’m with Daisy. That smile? Oi!

  4. I looked at that baby and smiled myself.

  5. She’s a cutie potootie.

  6. Wow…what a 1000 watt smile on that one! Some babies are just born with a light inside of them, their joy is just contagious. You are lucky to have one of these special babies in your orbit.

  7. the kid is seriously CUTE

  8. my daughter attracts unneccessary attention, without her asking. she’d nonchalantly look here and there, doing her own things and strangers would come up to her to pinch her cheeks and mess up her hair. Grrr!!!

    anyway, that baby looks gorgeous 🙂

  9. How do they stop tickling/singing/peek-a-booing long enough to keep up on the day-to-day?!

  10. What a sweetie! Looks like she inherited her mother’s charm (and maybe she’ll get her auntie’s sense of humor too!)

  11. Some baby faces just HAVE it, PITS’s kid does and so does your niece!

    great smile.

  12. That is one seriously happy baby! Just wait until she giggles.

    Some people just have that charm early on, you can see it in this little baby’s face already. Watch out.

  13. That is one heck of a smile. I only my kid comes out with one like that.

  14. Oh, she’s beautiful. I think I want another.

  15. Charisma! It’s a delightful thing. But sometimes I wonder if it has an inverse relationship with self-sufficiency.

    I look up to a lot of loners.

  16. Thanks, folks! She is all kinds of adorable, and I’m not even a baby person.

    She’s totally different than my kids. The adjective most used to describe my boy? Somber. And my girl? Frustrated.

    (PITS? Freeman? I haven’t promised her in marriage to anyone yet. And you both have suitable, um, suitors there. I’m just sayin’…)

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