Really, REALLY Great Ideas, Vol. 6

(While watching CSI: NY last night)


Owen:  “Next time we go to a Greek restaurant, you TOTALLY have to ask for an order of the melina kanakaredes.  With a straight face.”


Melina Kanakaredes - Actress, Not  an Appetizer

Melina Kanakaredes - Actress, Not an Appetizer

(Image from here.)

14 responses to “Really, REALLY Great Ideas, Vol. 6

  1. i dunno…. i might switch teams for her…

  2. That is SUCH the awesome plan!

  3. Hey, it might not work, but if just one restaurant can fill the order, life is good!

  4. Ha! I just spit coffee on my keyboard.

    Let us know how it goes when you place that order…

  5. Not an appetizer, no. An entree!

  6. First Joe the plumbers butt crack and now going Greek…

    ‘At first I was afraid, I was petrified….’

  7. hee hee hee. My coworker just looked at me weird, and I read this to her, and she goes, “What? I don’t get it.” And I totally just laughed harder.

  8. LOL- you guys crack me up.

  9. Yes, yes, yes, that is an AWESOME idea! I’m gonna go to the Danforth, like right now! You can throw a stone and hit 18 places named with some variation of ‘Greek’ ‘Mr.’ ‘Friendly’ ‘Jimmy’ ‘Arkadia’ ‘Astoria’ and so on and so forth. If there isn’t at least a Melina working somewhere there, I’ll eat my hat.

    *Not including my green cuban-dictator hat.

  10. If there’s a restaurant out there, Greek or otherwise, where you can order Melina Kanakaredes, please let me know.

  11. Heh, somethin tells me she’s better off cooked on a spit, as opposed to the current option being spat upon. Besides, personally I kinda prefer Jorja Fox. There’s something bout her.. pity she left Vegas.

  12. Nia Vardalos from My big Fat Greek Wedding is way hotter. But that’s just cause I have a thing for thick brunettes with curly hair. Still, that is a great idea. Now, what to order at a Mexican restaurant?

  13. OK, so, while Melina Kanakaredes is undeniably hot, what Owen was actually getting at was the fact that her name sounds like a Greek appetizer. Kaftedes, dolmathes, spanakopita, kanakaredes.


  14. So… I know that this post is kind of old, but I read this and had to laugh. She is an attractive girl. And she owns a Greek restaurant. In my town. I ate there a few weeks ago. 🙂

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