Blocked? Party of One?


I can’t write.


Not really write.


I have spent endless hours, staring at a blank word document.  I’ve shut the computer, slammed the screen into the keyboard with frustration that is tactile.  I’ve tried to go blank.  Nothing works.


I’ve had ugly, silencing bouts of it before.  And I’ve always come out the other side.


But the thing is, every time feels like its the time.  The one that might end it.  The one I won’t get out of.




23 responses to “Blocked? Party of One?

  1. Same here. I need an intern to follow me around and take note of all the interesting things I say and do all day, so I can blog about them later.

    It’s such a weird time right now, by the time I get home from my exhausting day, I can hardly remember the drive, let alone anything interesting.

  2. it happens. i’ve found that instead of sitting down to ‘write’, planning the time, and getting my head into “the writing”, it seems to work best if i dash out some thoughts quickly, when i’m about to go somewhere, or when i’m just pissed off, or when i’ve been drinking and want to hoark up something…

    Bukowski said “don’t try”. There might be something to that…

    hope you find it. you consistently make me giggle…

  3. Here’s a tip, i don’t get writer’s block cuz when nothing forms in my wee, little brain i just do something else, thinking about it only exacerbates the problem. So go outside, take a walk, clean the bathroom and quit worrying cuz the sooner you do the sooner all those little ideas come bounding back… or you could write a letter (email), i find that’s always a good way to get the mind humming a bit.

  4. I know someone who feels the same way as you do, he lost his digits in a gardening accident.

    Good thing is, he was the family pup to begin with. We never expected him to learn to write anyway. (of course, if he did, we’d be too busy touring the planet with the freak show spinning us money, to even read blogs)

    You have no such excuse.

    Back to the drawing board for you!

  5. Yeah. I’m there as well. And this isn’t a good time. School is wrapping up, and the papers aren’t writing themselves.

    I need to start this week over. Maybe Monday . . .

  6. Walk away. Go live for a day. If I don’t go and have an “experience” then I stay blocked.

    It sucks.

  7. Ginny, this is random. But I saw it and instantly thought of you. lol

  8. I get it. I’m there too…kinda.

  9. me too!!! what the hell is going on???

    it must be these tough economic times!!

  10. I’ve heard of people who can fall asleep on demand. I can pretty much write on demand…comes from a couple of decades as an ad agency copywriter and now a writer at a university. Some things are better than others, but I often don’t have the luxury of time. So, this sounds like I’m bragging about my mad skillz, which I’m not. I’m just saying that it’s almost like a circus trick or sleight of hand. Or doing a cartwheel. I could never do that.

  11. Close the blank document.

    Open it again tomorrow.

    Repeat until it’s not blank.

  12. I write down everything that seems funny to me at the time, that way when I’m blocked, I just pull out some old dialogue or some stupid advice I read and go from there. I do NOT recommend reading other people’s blogs, then you get all envious.

  13. Well, look at it this way. The previous times, you have gotten out of it.

    Hang in there.

  14. I like to think of this as reloading instead of being blocked.

  15. I actually do carry a little notebook with me, to note down things to write about, the way Mountain Lover suggests. That helps.

    Sometimes (and i’m not saying this to rub it in) i have TOO MANY IDEAS and i get, not a block, but a log jam.

    Same effect.

    Sometimes i wish the voices in my head WOULD JUST STOP!

  16. Thanks to all of you. Except Joe, who would not give me a frigging inch on this.

  17. Awww, did I just get a special mention?

    I thaw already!

  18. I reckon you got unblocked. But I know all about it and know how it sucks.

  19. Ginny, you know I get you. Just don’t pressure yourself, cause that is very very counterproductive, take my word for it.

    Sometimes you just need a break, and you need to be silent.

    What I’m doing lately is writing to write without posting in mind. If i use it later, so be it, but it can just get your fingers typing again.

  20. Writing is like sex. Sometimes you’re in the mood. Sometimes you’re not. If it’s your profession, you can power through, but if you are doing it for yourself, then let it come. Maybe watch some porn — or read a book. Wait, I’ve become confused by my own metaphor.

  21. Joe: Tough love, man. Just what I needed!

    Free Man: It feels awfully lonely whilst you’re going through it. Good to know better writers than I go through it, too.

    bluestreak: Yup, that’s what I’ve had to do, too.

    mkh: I don’t know, but it DOES seem to be going around.

    Chris: Well, admittedly, porn is confusing.

  22. Ya know, sometimes, we;re just trying to LIVE. It’s okay. You will get back to it. Sorry not to be by more often. Not writing myself. Just endless hours of obligations. No energy to write. You’re a mom. Give yourself a hug.

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