You Just Couldn’t Leave It Be, Could You?

The boy and I are watching one of those half hour sitcoms, aimed at tweens.  On the show, there is a stock “nerd” (glasses, plaid shirt, flood pants), who is bemoaning his lack of a girlfriend.


“Poor dude”, sympathizes the 6 year old.  “I hope I can get a girlfriend one day.”

(Methinks I feel an opportunity for a lesson here.)

“What do you think is the most  important thing to look for in a girlfriend?  Would you rather have a girlfriend who is pretty, or smart?”

“Well, both.” 

(Hmm, that makes sense.  But I’m trying to make a point, here.)

“Yeah, but if you had to choose between a girl who was pretty but not smart, or a smart girl who wasn’t as pretty, which one do you think you’d choose?”

“The smart girl.”  No hesitation.  That’s his final answer.  I’m elated.  All my subtle lessons have paid off; he’s turning out exactly the way I want him to!

“And why is that?”

“She would do my homework.”






(Image is from here.)


28 responses to “You Just Couldn’t Leave It Be, Could You?

  1. for a 6 year old? i’m thinking you’re a success… sounds like my entrepreneurial son at that age!

  2. lol what a true male. 😉

  3. Hey … he deserves credit for the rationale too!

  4. You can’t fault reason…

  5. And she will have low self-esteem, which will enable him to go to the bar every night and come back to a grateful woman! She’ll probably say, “Oh, I thought you weren’t coming back… You know how I am… Over-thinking, as usual… Me and my big brain…”


  6. Um, Ginny? Are you sure you’re not raising my ex-husband?

  7. I’m with the kid. That’s the very same logic I used in picking a smart husband. Someone has to know math.

  8. He’s pretty got life figured out already.

  9. much. I forgot the word much.

    I’m hungover.

  10. That is so funny. While I hope that one day he will think beyond his own immediate needs (which are the only needs when you’re six), I can’t help but think that his problem-solving skills are advanced beyond his age.

  11. Dude. I need to hang out with more six year olds. They know shit.

  12. I’m confused as to why you steered him away from the ‘pretty AND smart’ girlfriend in the first place.

  13. She doesn’t need to be smart – sounds like he has that covered. Classic!

  14. I guess this leads into another conversation, or does that second conversation happen when you catch him doing it?

  15. I’m with Captain Steve.

    And that is one clever little dude you got there!

  16. That’s brilliant! Why didn’t I think of that when I was a young(er) man.

  17. daisy: Good, something to look forward to!

    Loni: Yeah, not exactly the feminist I thought I was raising.

    Southern (in)Sanity: Don’t worry, he gets all kinds of credit.

    vinomom: Nope!

    People in the Sun: Well, they DO say boys marry their mothers…

    mongoliangirl: Funny you should say that, because there’s been several times I’ve said that I’m probabaly raising someone’s ex-husband.

    hereinfranklin: It’s as good a reason as any.

    Betsey: Agreed. At this point, school is just a formality.

    megan: Yeah, let’s hope he can dull that self-centeredness, just so he lands this side of douchey.

    Captain: Well, some of them. Some of them just say “Look what I can do!”, then kick the air, then fall down, then stare blankly. Just so you know.

    Xbox: I told him the first answer was right, i just couldn’t resist making a point. I think he knew that, and chose to fuck with me.

    Maria: Never underestimate the laziness. He is, after all, my kid.

    Steph: Word!

    faemom: Both, I think.

    quantumfauxpas: Too clever for his own good, most of the time.

    Dean: You and me both. Except I was never a man. But you know what I’m saying.

    Gypsy: Smart ASS, maybe.

  18. Just goes to show 6 year olds do not have their priorities straight. I mean it’s good to go after the smart girl, but homework shouldn’t be the mission.

  19. I am surprised he didn’t pick “Neither. I want the one that will make my bed and clean my room.” LOL

  20. Had you ever heard that some researcher dudes figured out that kids inherit smarts form their mothers…?

  21. O.G.: Wow, you’re way deeper than I thought 😉

    Beej: Um, he already has her. It’s me. And he has no concept of ever being without me. We’ve got a long (at least) 12 years ahead of us…

    writinggb: Ah yes, the dudes. They do good work.

  22. Oh, your son is fucked.

  23. Smart and fucked. Yeah, sounds like my DNA.

  24. That’s hilarious! I would be stumped if you didn’t say “as” pretty! That makes it easy–my answer would be the same!

    Drop-dead-gorgeous women attract me first, of course. But I usually end up falling in love with the “plain” women.
    Because most plain women become less plain, and more beautiful, as I get to know them, especially if they are as smart as I–or smarter.

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