Tuesday, 9:34 p.m.


Ginny:  You know what would be a great name for a band? 

Owen:  What?

Ginny:  “Malice the Camel”!

Owen:  That’s kind of racist.

Ginny:  Huh?

Owen:  It sounds like you’re promoting racism against the people of the desert.  Malice against them and their lifestyle, if you will.

Ginny:  Um, I think you’re over thinking this.

Owen:  (Tsks) That’s just what a racist would say…


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17 responses to “Tuesday, 9:34 p.m.

  1. LOL Awesome. Justr plain awesome.

  2. Oh hell, a person can’t even come up with a band name anymore.
    BTW, was it you that little crazy person in that little crazy plane down here to Missouri for me? Just an hour or so West on Hwy. 60 and he would have practically been in our back yard.

  3. Wow, it reminds me of the times when they accused Joe the Camel of pandering cigarettes to the kiddies.

    Malice, indeed.

  4. You tell Owen that all the cool people are racist anyway. Geez, man.

  5. LMAO
    I make fun of everyone so I guess I am a racist too.

  6. One of Josh’s biggest concerns (read: not really all that concerned) about moving to Canada is being accidentally racist to all our “Indians” and “Eskimos.” Seriously, what do they teach them down there in the south? I think Malice is a good name.

  7. I could be tolerant of Malice the camel I think

  8. So, remind me, why do we associate middle eastern people with camels? isn’t THAT racist? so HE’S the racist for connecting camels to those of middle-eastern origins.

    Ha! i run rings around that kind of logic. Totally need more caffeine. Yes. More Caffeine! OH YEAH! MY PALMS AREN’T SWEATING ENOUGH YET!!!!

  9. It’s always the person who says you’re being racist who is really the racist themselves. It goes back to that old philosophy of He Who Smelt It – Dealt It

  10. You could have said Maliq the Camel. Now THAT would have been racist . . .

  11. I don’t even know what to say to that. But it made me laugh. Your husband’s pretty damn funny.

  12. Tysdaddy!! I’m LOVING that one!! Maliq the Camel? Kinda like “Derelict my Balls”!

    I was raised by a racist, and I can sincerely tell you that the phrase “Maliq the Camel” is NOT racist. My dad still calls black men “coons.”

    And imagine my surprise when, as a teenager, I found out that there was such a thing as “coon hunting.” I honestly, truly believed that it was something similar to lynching. But then I realized it was short for RACoon Hunting.


  13. Hmmmm … “racist”?

    That’s stretching it a bit, in my opinion.

  14. You guys have spent far too much time in PC (i.e. commie) Canada.


  15. Faemom: Well, HE thinks so.

    mongoliangirl: Short people truly have no reason, except maybe to buzz your house in a light aircraft.

    Betsey: If anything got me hooked, it was those awesome Popeye candy smokes. Popeye – as relevant in 1980 as he was in 1920.

    Rassles: Oh, he knows.

    Loni: Is there a secret handshake? Do we have monthly meetings?

    Em: Lot of “Eskimos” in downtown T.O.? Unless my city’s football team is in your town, I think he’s safe.

    Xbox: You’re delightfully clever.

    daisyfae: Did you take flight, shortly after this comment? You did, didn’t you?

    O.G.: That is truly one of the cornerstones of my personal philosophy, right there. Should probably be in the Constitution, somewhere.

    tysdaddy: ::snort::

    vinomom: Again, HE thinks so.

    Kathleen: I caught a rerun of All in the Family today, where Archie kind of accidentally joins the KKK. So from now on, whenever you talk about your dad, I’m going to picture Archie Bunker. OK?

    Southern (in)Sanity: He’s a sarcastic little morsel, that husband of mine.

    cdv: What’s that? I was too busy receiving quality socialized healthcare, cheering on gay couples getting legally married and not being killed by a handgun to pay attention to you… (OK, seriously, you’re kind of right.)

  16. My mother just went to Egypt where she rode a camel named Alaska. True story.

  17. That’s an apt and timely story, Gypsy.

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