Not Funny

It’s April 2nd.

April Fool’s Day 2009, and its attendant madness, are over.


And in the harsh light of the next day, I’m feeling judgemental.


Posting a facebook status that says “Susan is going to Maine.”, then later that day, changing your status to “Susan fooled you!  She’s not going to Maine!”?


That’s not a prank.  That’s not even funny.



I think its time to do a cull of my facebook friends list.



(Image is Sad clown by Mel B.)


19 responses to “Not Funny

  1. let’s hear it for the culling

  2. Hahaha, get that Susan away from you! She sounds awful. I was thinking of going for the status update fool, but didn’t have it in me. It would have been, “Chad has finally decided to sell his pet monkey to pay for his pineal gland transplant. Was the monkey good company? Yes. Did he regulate the flow of melatonin in Chad’s body? Absolutely not.”

    I don’t think I would have fooled anyone either.

  3. my facebook status for april 1st was “daisyfae doesn’t like fools. prank me and die.” or something like that…. i don’t have many friends….

  4. mongoliangirl

    Sooooo…I’m wondering if Susan was actually pranking herself? You know, trying to make herself believe someone would actually give a shit that she was going to Maine.

  5. Now if she had posted “susan is going to maine, with your significant other”….that would have been funny. Right? Right? You know I’m right.

  6. That’s like somebody said “You know what’s funny? Monkey’s in little hats” on Twitter the other day.

    I had typed an entire reply that stated why that was not funny.

    I stopped myself and deleted.

    That guy is a douche though.

  7. Cull away. Pare that list down to damn near nothing.

  8. Prior to shutting my Facebook account down (“de-activating” it, in their terms), I culled my “friends” list significantly.

    It’s not a bad thing at all.

  9. I did that exact thing a week ago…too many work people on my “social” networking site. I knew it was time to cull when the dept. head who hasn’t spoken to me in 3 months friended me. Ugh…Now my friends really are my friends.

  10. I’m working at a customer, a huge company over here whose IT department sent a mail out to everyone saying their network logins & emails were being chanced from their names to the personnel numbers.

    Not so much a joke, as a lie.

    What WAS funny was listening to the IT cretins moaning all the following day about the number of passwords they had to reset due to everyone locking themselves out of the network.

  11. You know . . . I have no f-ing idea what this post was about. I couldn’t get past the creepy clown.

  12. See? YOU people know funny! And you actually have incredible insights into Susan, considering none of you know her.

  13. I keep hoping for the balls to do a Facebook cull.

  14. See, you should have arranged for Susan to be kidnapped and held for ransom in Maine. Now that’s funny.

  15. cdv: Me too, man. Me too.

    Beej: Yes. Yes it is. And slightly disturbing. But mostly funny.

  16. I didn’t do anything for April Fools, because I actually work in one of those serious offices where there’s no such thing as casual Friday. Plus the majority of clients are from, well, other parts of the world where I can’t say for sure if April Fool’s is a generally understood phenomenon.

    As for Facebook, I seriously got my ass verbally kicked for switching my status to engaged that one time. I’ve learned my lesson.

    And yeah, cull away. As soon as Josh gets up here and I can post a bunch of ridiculously happy pictures that show anyone who might happen to be lingering from high school that ‘fuck you guys, i win, mahahahahaha!’, I’m deleting about 2/3rds of my Facebook friends.

    But not you. You like, rule and stuff 😉

  17. Be honest: You won’t cull me because you just want to see more of my floors. That’s it, isn’t it?

  18. “Susan accepted a job as a pipe fitter for Raytheon in Antarctica. Should she bring a coat?”

    would have been about 10 times funnier.

    I started off my day with the radio alarm going off, HORRIBLE new DJ’s with a story about how the company called them up and said they needed them next morning ASAP. Can’t talk about why the morning show was fired due to a confidentiality agreement.

    Well, in my disoriented state, I was pissed, changed the station and didn’t hear them again until I was in my car. Guess what, April fools!

    Whatever jerkwads. Maybe I will NEVER come back. That’s how much I love April Fools pranks.

  19. mtnlover: Wow, so remind me not to call you next April 1 and ask if your fridge is running…

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