So Long, Suckers

By the time you read this, I will be gone.


(Well, probably not.  We’re never on time.)


The weekend is beginning….now.  I’m on my way here:



to a place where people from all around the world gather to ski.


I don’t ski.


I do, however, enjoy drinking in a rooftop hot tub, whilst the snow flutters about my head, surrounded by some classy broads.


I didn’t plan well; I didn’t line up any guest bloggers.  But I’ll try to have a few posts in the hopper, to be released at semi-regular intervals in my absence.


I will have a drink for each and every one of you. 


I wish I was kidding.

16 responses to “So Long, Suckers

  1. Oh, I hope you have a good drink for me.

  2. Makers Mark on the rocks please.

  3. Oh my, were I prone to jealousy I’d be entirely jealous at this point.

    Instead? Drink two for me. Thanks.

  4. vicarious drink: pom-tini. please.

  5. I don’t drink, but have something girly and sweet for me.

  6. That’s exactly how I travel. All I leave with is a tiny suitcase and a bunch of “I don’t knows.”
    We always manage to have a great time.
    Happy trails.

  7. Have a great trip!
    Stay safe!
    Cheers to my Drink!

  8. jack daniels and diet cherry seven up. don’t laugh until you try it..

  9. I’m so jealous I could spit. Ok, I’m not really going to do that. But I will say: Have a fabulous time! And please do have a drink or two for me : )

  10. Hey, have fun not skiing! I’m a reluctant, somewhat willing participant in the sport. It’s a love/hate thing for sure. It’s all love when I’m not getting hurt 😉

  11. Southern (in)Sanity: I did. You were in the mood for beer & clamato. And so that’s what I had.

    O.G.: You were going to have a Makers Mark, but then you didn’t want to be pretentious. So you had another beer & clam.

    Betsey: I’d be jealous. I’d have told me to get lost and shut up. Your two drinks were a departure: one shot of sambuca, and one paralyzer (colorado bulldog, you adorable american).

    Stephanie: By that time, we were a little drunk, and no one knew how to make a pom-tini. So I had another paralyzer. I’ll try harder next time.

    Maria: “I don’t drink, but have something girly and sweet for me.” Her name was Yvette.

    Kitty: I did, thanks. But it was no Greece!!!

    nursemyra: You have no idea how close I came to doing just that. I’m kind of a klutz.

    faemom: I did, thanks!

    Loni: I’m pretty sure you had a vodka cranberry. Whatever it was, you liked it. I promise.

    daisyfae: Sadly, diet cherry 7-up has not been stocked in these parts for nigh on 15 years. But Jack Daniels never goes out of style.

    Gwen: By the time I had your drinks, we’d gotten exotic: 2 Butterbucas (butter ripple schnapps & sambuca).

    Lola: If I tried it, you’d see me on the news. Guaranteed.

  12. Where is that?

    Asks the curious rookie skier.

    (I moved to Utah and started learning last winter. Now it’s my favorite thing to do, but I’ve only ever done it here. It was really hard for my first week, but then I started getting better fast. To avoid getting hurt, just keep your attention level high and don’t stay on the hill after your legs get tired.)

  13. Erin, that’s Canmore, Alberta. (And to avoid getting hurt, I like to stay the hell away from the ski hills. Its worked, so far.)

  14. Nice! Never been to Alberta. I’ve always wanted to go because my last name is Alberty. I hope you had some good drinks and enjoyed the view! I can see not wanting to ski if you’re learning when you have a small kid. No fun chasing after a 3-year-old when you have a broken leg. Maybe you can try again when she’s old enough to mix you a martini and bring it to you on the couch.

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