The Last Thing I Remember…


Me:  Aaaaccck!!  What was that thing I wanted to blog about?


Him:  Huh?


Me:  You know, the other day, I was talking about something that was gonna make a really rippin’ blog post…


Him:  Oh, was it the fact that LED Christmas lights have ruined your life?


Me:  The other day?!?  That was DECEMBER!! 


Him:  Really?


Me:  Do you even know what month it is?


Him:  (Hesitates)  March?


Me:  Lucky guess.


(photo is by chubbo129)


8 responses to “The Last Thing I Remember…

  1. Heheheh – I think blog all day long. But by the time I sit down at the computer I can’ remember half of what I thought would be such great blog fodder. I feel your pain!

  2. This is pretty much standard issue in my house too.

  3. I hate when that happens! Or you think you have a fab idea, get half a draft and then come back to it a week later only to think ‘what the hell was I thinking?’ I’m looking for the version of WordPress that reads my mind, but only when I want it to.

  4. I keep a notebook that I jot ideas down on.

    But when I get home it doesn’t make any sense. “Killer geese? What?”

  5. That looks really painful. Perhaps you blocked it out of your mind.

  6. LOL My husband is just as bad. That’s why I write everything done. EVERYTHING, blackmailing info included.

  7. vinomom: It’s like I woke up from a dream early. Crap.

    Betsey: Good to know, good to know.

    Em: Oh, that’s a bad idea. Really bad. For me, anyways.

    Beej: Have you ever been around geese? Killer goose makes total sense. My sister totally got attacked by one, once.

    O.G.: No, I think that’d be impossible to forget.

    faemom: It just kills me that the other day=3 months ago, for him.

  8. oh, maybe that´s what I should try doing – thinking about blogging. you mean i can´t just sit down and start typing? Crap.

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