They Just Keep Letting Me Do It

I’ve got another guest review up at Ask & Ye Shall Receive

Just doing my bit to guide others in the movement of de-doucheing the internet.


(Because there’s only room for so many douches on the internet.  And I’m not giving up my spot.)


9 responses to “They Just Keep Letting Me Do It

  1. Is that a machine for kicking your own ass? Ha! I love it! LOL!

    I’m going to link to your blog now, by the way. I hope you link back to mine as well.

    Thomas 🙂

  2. Only YOU can make dissing Mother Theresa funny. I wish I were that quippy. But the .005% of Catholic still left in me would feel guilty.

  3. Do you think Ask and Ye Shall Receive only likes funny shit? I have thought about submitting but not sure I’m up to the ass whooping.

    I like what I write, not sure I need validation, but would just be curious on how I measure up.

    Great review. I tried to read the Leper’s posts but just like you said they were waaaay too goddamn long.

  4. How cool! I wish you’d been around when my blog got reviewed.

    I did get two stars, so I guess that counts for something . . . somewhere . . . right?

  5. Joan: You and me, sister.

    Thomas: Linking on the first date? You’re fresh!

    Kathleen: I am unburdened by any religious guilt. Of course, I’m going to your “hell”, but whatever.

    vinomom: It always depends on who does the review. No matter what, its pretty nerve wracking.

    tysdaddy: I liked you right from the start. I care not how many stars you have!

  6. you’re way too nice to do the reviews at AAYSR Ginny

  7. nursemyra: Even American Idol has a Paula.

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