Have I Become Predictable?

We’re in the living room.  I’m on the computer.  The husband is explaining something to the boy.


Husband:  “Blah blah blah Tesla coil.”

Boy:  “Oh, cool.”

Me:  “Wait a minute, why are you guys talking about testicles?”

Boy:  “No, Tesla coils.”

Me:  “Huh, I thought you said testicles.”

Husband:  “Well of course you did.”


(Image is from here.)


14 responses to “Have I Become Predictable?

  1. LOL, good ol’ Tesla (the only reason I even know that name is they tested some of his stuff on Myth Busters)

    I personally try to get testicles in any conversation I can.

    For example, my best friend’s hubby own a ‘Just Testicles’ store (Spectacles) and if someone is using language that is a little too jargon-ish for me I may ask ‘Are you getting testicle on me?’ (technical)

    ……n e hoo!

  2. I’ve got some of those in a drawer somewhere

  3. Ha! That is awesome. At least you didn’t launch into an after-school-special-style informative monologue on the dangers of testicular tortion.

    ps – That will only make sense if you’re familiar with the Venture Brothers. If not…well, trust me, it’s funny 😉

  4. You hear testicoyles, I hear testacleeze. It’s all gonads, either way.

  5. GYL: Keep up the good work!

    Southern (in)Sanity: Like you would have heard anything different?

    Xbox: Oh for heaven’s sakes, THERE’S your problem!

    mkh: If by cheesy you mean UNDENIABLY AWESOME, then yes.

    Emerald: “If” I know of it – I scoff in your general direction. (God I love the Venture Brothers).

    derfina: Testacleeze sounds like a Greek philosopher.

  6. Do you remember that hair band from the mid 80s called Tesla? What was their hit? Dammit, must Google….

    Ah, yes, a cover of ‘Signs’.

    Absolute rubbish. What’s this about testicles?

  7. Yeah, see! I wasn’t the only person who thought “80’s Hairband” when I saw the word “Tesla” in your post.

    Actually, I was in two of their videos. The concert-type. I was half-naked and holding a sign in the crowd.

  8. Tesla? I thought that’s what every guy called his gonads. Damn!

  9. Makes total sense if you have a lisp.

  10. Yeah, don’t use testicles in an experiment that requires a tesla coil. It’s like trying to substitute sugar for salt. Only more shock-y. And more hurt-y.

  11. cdv: Yeah, there was “Signs”. But I think you’re ignoring the greatest make-out song of my high school career, “Love Song”. (Yes, that actually was the name of the song.)

    Kathleen: WHICH VIDEOS???

    mongoliangirl: As in, the plural of “testicle”?

    aj: Hey, how are you? Nothing makes sense if you have a lisp. Silly girl.

    Beej: Duly noted.

  12. Sweet!!! Get ready for the tirades about how I’m going to join the Guild of Calamitous Intent – but only for the full dental and partial health package 😛

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