What I Know. Now.

Assume that everyone’s been through everything.  So that you won’t throw around statements like “What would you know?  You’ve never had kids.”, or “Only suckers stay in abusive relationships.”



You can, absolutely, determine someone’s virtue from the shade of their urine. 




Before you overreact, please, bear in mind, when dealing with pornography, subscription and addiction are two different things.



When a guy says “I’m not good enough for you,” it’s a statement of fact.  Not a challenge.



That is all.



For now.


14 responses to “What I Know. Now.

  1. I check urine for virtue every day

  2. Somehow this post made me sit here and reread about 5 times with a big ol’ crooked smile on my face. Probably a moment of (again) realizing, “People do what people do, because that’s what people do.”
    In other words, thanks for the reminder that I have little to no REAL information about what the hell is going on with other people.

  3. I’m not even sure I understand this completely, but I really want to know more.

  4. LOL Even the third time it’s just as funny. I love the last tip. Don’t we all wish we didn’t take it as a challenge at one stupid point in our lives.

  5. Subscription and addiction are two different things.

    Those are some wise words ma’am.

  6. Wow. That kinda made me thirsty.

  7. nursemyra: You can buy sticks at the drugstore, I think.

    mongoliangirl: Like icebergs, we all are.

    O.G.: Don’t feel bad – neither do I, and I wrote this crap.

    faemom: If we all took it seriously, no girl would ever, ever have a crush on Robert Downey Jr.

    cdv: Mmm hmm. They sound the same. But they’re not.

    Kathleen: Thirsty as in “Wow, that urine sample reminds me I need to drink more water.”, or “Wow, she must be drunk again, I’d better catch up?”

  8. If I eat ham, I can smell it in my wee.

  9. Xbox, you can NOT! Onions, garlic, definitely asparagus, but ham?

  10. I can. Meaty & salty.

    I thought it might have been coming from ‘myself’, but I got on all fours and checked.

    Definitely from the contents of the bowl.

  11. I can’t help but feel you and I have crossed a line here. Oh well.

  12. What I Know Now is… well… don’t leave a laundry basket in the hallway. Because you’ll be woken up at 3 AM with a husband howling in pain who tripped over the basket and bashed his nose into the frame of the bathroom door.

  13. Beej: Poor, long-suffering Todd.

  14. oh i love your little bits of wisdom, ginny.

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