Sunday – It’s the New Monday!

I spent last night in the top bunk.  With my feet hanging off the edge, and a stuffed bear?dog?monkey? under my head.


It was spring for a minute, yesterday.  The snow started again, this morning.


We are out of anything good to eat, and I don’t have the energy to grace the grocery store with my presence.


I’ve got this headache, that feels like someone has one of those nasty little digging tools the dentists use to make that abhorrent scraping sound, and they’re using it to randomly poke and dig in the folds of my grey matter.


I ran my husband’s wallet through the washing machine.  Again.  I tried to make it his fault.  He wasn’t biting.  Passive aggressive disagreement ensued.


There’s only 40 minutes left of today.  I realize I could have cut it short by going to bed.  But now, I feel like it’s a pissing contest between me and this crap day.  I’m not going out like a punk, I’m riding this thing out till the bitter end.


So there.


11 responses to “Sunday – It’s the New Monday!

  1. You go!!!! Show that crappy day who’s boss.

  2. cutting off your nose to spite your pretty face?

  3. house rules (at least in my house): if I do your freakin’ laundry, the least you can do is empty your freakin’ pockets… um…. shortly thereafter? he started doing his own laundry. so it works out, right?

    here’s to a better monday…

  4. @curtisincalgary

    New rule – If it’s in the laundry basket, the pockets better be empty. If it’s not in the laundry basket, it won’t get done.

  5. Having a hard time blaming the hubz for the wallet washing? Not a problem! Just give him my number and I’ll be happy to blame him. I am not kidding when we had to have an OFFICIAL washing machine guy come over and unplug our washer’s drain pipe because there was so much of Hellbilly’s crap in there. Ugh!

  6. I guess thats one more reason why I don’t do the BF’s laundry. The passive agressiveness is soo overdone at our place. I feel ya.

  7. Go get ‘um! That’s how I felt last Tuesday. Screw you, last Tuesday, I won!!!!

    Hope your week looks up!

  8. That sucks.

  9. Dude, welcome to my all of last week. I say chug-a-lug and wake up screaming incoherently at lint in the bathroom. Doesn’t make the day any better, but it does add an extra kick to the resulting tales of woe.

  10. I think this might be one of my favorite things you’ve ever posted.

  11. Southern (in)Sanity: Stubbornness does not make me the boss of anything. Just ask my kids.

    nursemyra: Maybe…

    daisyfae: That’s where we’re headed.

    curtis: I shortened it to “do your own damn laundry.” But yeah, you’re right.

    mongoliangirl: We’re too cheap for honest to goodness washing machine guys. We’re also too cheap for a decent washing machine.

    vinomom: What I didn’t explain was he’s passive, I’m aggressive. But it still counts, right?

    mtnlover77: I didn’t. But thank you. 🙂

    gnomespeak: Word.

    Em: Good point. But I’m not awesome at parenting drunk, so I’ll have to find some other way.

    Rassles: Why thank you. I’m going to go blush deeply, now.

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