“Light as a feather, stiff as a board.”

Tonight, I’m going to a pajama party.


Yes, I am in my 30s.  As are all the other women who will be there.


And yes, the concept is slightly juvenile.


But it keeps us off the streets.


And really, the things we loved when we were 12 (eating junk food, talking about boys, daring each other to do stupid shit, sneaking into a liquor cabinet) are the same things we like now, if we’re being honest.


So, tonight, there will be a party.


But will there be pajamas?



Only the spirits know….

18 responses to ““Light as a feather, stiff as a board.”

  1. Well, as long as it keeps you off the streets.

  2. Please insist you all wear your ’12 year old version of yourselves’ underwear.

    And proof, will be needed of course.

  3. *CACKLES* I haven’t been to a levitation in DECADES. Too groovy for words.

  4. LEVITATION! OMG! That’s SOOOO damn cool! you gotta let us know if anyone floats….

    and for certain girls, we’d occasionaly modify the chant: ‘she’s light as a feather and flat as a board’…

  5. Hope they’re thermals.

  6. I’m so jealous, I want to go.

  7. A pajama party! Sounds like loads of fun. Gives me the idea to throw one myself. Hope to hear how it went!

  8. daisyfae and I had a pyjama party in seville last year. boy was it fun 🙂

  9. I want to go to a slumberparty. Lucky thing.

  10. PJ parties are always fun no matter what age you have. I think it’s the best party you could ever throw. It’s laid back, relaxing, and totally throws any pressure to trash the location.

    Hope you had a blast =)

  11. Please, PLEASE tell me you’re going to wear Underoos.

    I’ve actually been to an adult sleepover. It was a costume party. And somehow, we all thought (as thirty-somethings) we could still stay up all night.

    I lasted the longest — 3:32am.

  12. Southern (in)Sanity: And, it keeps the husbands off our backs.

    Xbox: Tee hee. You think I’d give that shit away for free???

    derfina: I’m going to bet I’m not a floater.

    daisyfae: I WAS that girl! I’m going to have a small cry, now.

    gitwizard: I’ll never tell…

    formerlyfun: I wish so much that you could. I wish I could have one huge blogroll slumber party.

    vinomom: Do it! It’s such a good idea. Just make sure the daughter is out for the night – she doesn’t need to see it (at least, that’s my experience) 😉

    nursemyra: Seville! So, did you prank call swarthy Spanish boys?

    bluestreak: Lucky until the head ache the next morning.

    Marjie: Thanks, it was good.

    Kathleen: I couldn’t believe how early we were done. I mean, I know we’re getting old, but what the hell?

  13. There should always be pajamas.

  14. gnomespeak: Oh good lord, yes. Especially after, ahem, a certain age.

  15. That is f-ing awesome! Granted my bff spends the night at my house everyweek. Does that count as a slumber party?

  16. faemom: Now I’m the one who’s jealous.

  17. GINNY! This is so weird. I had a pajama party at my house on Friday. Heh.

  18. That IS freaky! God, how I would love to get all the great chick bloggers together for one big ass pajama party/pillow fight round robin tournament!

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