Gloria Estefan Was Right: The Words DO Get In the Way

When I started this little blog, I didn’t know how to add pictures to posts.


Very patient people tried to teach me.  I tried to follow.  It was in vain.


I was so jealous of people who could combine images and words, to deliver that one-two punch that a perfect post carries.


The path of jealousy generally leads me down the path of self-righteousness.


“Only lazy bloggers rely on pictures.  I don’t NEED pictures.  I’ll just use words.  I’ll use the most perfect words, the ones that will evoke exactly what I want them to in the reader.  And they’ll never realize the images were missing.”


And then, thank christ, I figured out how to add pictures.


Sometimes, I like to think I can still crank out an evocative post, completely sans pictures.


And sometimes, I am thrilled when I find the perfect image for the words I’ve managed to string together.


But sometimes, the words just get in the way.


Like today.


I present, the 6-year old’s Monday Morning Art Project:


15 responses to “Gloria Estefan Was Right: The Words DO Get In the Way

  1. One of my daughters used to draw hands like that and it used to scare the crap out of me.

  2. I still draw hands like that. Why mess with something that works?

  3. Is that a hint of a red cape on his shoulders? Is he in the hot sun and radiating heat? Perhaps it’s the blood of his enemies?

    Whatever. Very cool picture! Is it hanging on your fridge . . .

  4. Thank goodness for the inserted “N” I thought your son was a bigot for a minute!! J/K

    Great drawing – no need for words!

  5. So I wonder if that’s a propellor on top of the hat?

  6. I bow once again to your children’s inadvertent comic genius.

  7. Is that a propellor or an antenna on his head? Either way, it’s awesome. And it reminds me of my childhood imaginary friend. He kept the voices at bay and warned me when the aliens were around. Now that he’s gone, I have to wear a tinfoil hat.

  8. Kitty and Beej: The hands, while slightly freaky, are awesome.

    tysdaddy: The red is actually eraser tailings. I’m assuming they’re supposed to be a cape. And yes, after the “N” was added, it went up.

    vinomom: Oh, so did I. Which is why we were late for school, so we could have a talk about “What This Family Believes.”

    Rassles: Ha ha. Huh huh huh ha!

    hereinfranklin: To be honest, I didn’t act. I was a little distracted…

    Xbox: I need to get it in now. Because once you start procreating, my kids are going to look LAAAAME.

    quantum faux pas: Do you HAVE to wear the hat, or do you just want to. It’s OK, I don’t judge.

  9. Fang! I am diggin’ on some FANG!
    And that post without pictures thing? Who knows. I used to think I had to have a picture. Now I’m just too lazy to do it.
    But I bet I will post pictures when our mare has her foal soon!

  10. Didn’t even think superhero. I was all “Oh, it’s 3 breasts and a belly button.” then “And a tattoo” Cool…

  11. Hey at least the robot fang thing isn’t smoking and/or doesn’t look like a whore.

  12. mongoliangirl: Maybe I’ll put Fang on the family Christmas Card this year. If so, I’ll need your mailing address.

    debbeblue: You got 3 boobs out of this? Paging Dr. Rorschach…

    formerlyfun: Tee hee. The best part was that I didn’t put the “N” in right away. Owen got home, calls me on my cell: “Uh, Gin? What in the fuck is this?”

  13. ahahah. This one is hilarious. Your kid is gonna be a comedian. I love the added “N”, makes the piece seem so much more politically correct.

  14. bluestreak: He had no idea it was a “bad” word. And then, of course, I had to explain, in the simplest terms possible, why that was a bad word. When I got to the part about how some boys kiss other boys, he laughed his ass off “That’s the funniest thing I ever heard!” At least he didn’t say “Gross!”, so I guess that’s OK, right?

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