Grandpa:  Happy Birthday, dude!  So, do you feel any different now that you’re six?

Dude:  (Sighs heavily)  It’s  not like it changes your life. 

Just a minute, Grandpa, I can’t hear you.  I have to tell Mom to stop laughing so loud.  


Oh kid, I have to humbly disagree.  Six will turn your universe upside down.  Every year, when you’re small, changes the hell out of you.  You come out of each age knowing 100% more than you did going into it.  When you’re in your thirties, forties, fifties, spans of 5 years can go by, and yeah, you’d be hard-pressed to say that you grew or changed or did anything but settle and stagnate. 


But six? 


Six is big.


10 responses to “Six

  1. Happy birthday little dude!

  2. yay for six! one of my best years… so far…

    every year, every summer seems like an ETERNITY at that age, because it’s a much larger percentage of your remembered life.

    when my little guy, now 20, completed his first day of kindergarten, i’ll never forget his report on the day to me as he wandered off to his room. wearing just his ‘big boy’ blue jeans, with his red flannel button down shirt thrown over his shoulder he said: “Kindergarten is easy. All you gotta do is follow the rules. I love you, Ma…”

    six? a very good year…

  3. as far as children go I think 4 and are the most wonderful years. and for adults – there’s nothing like being in your 40s? I was at my peak at 44. unfortunately it’s all downhill after 49…..

  4. Six is definitely important. No doubt about it.

    Happy Birthday Dude!

  5. What a great quote. No wonder Mom started laughing!

    Happy Birthday, Dude.

  6. mongoliangirl

    When you put it like that…six is ginormous! Happy birthday little man.

  7. Six is a big fucking deal. But if I were you, I’d be more worried about nine. Nine is like…whoa, reality.

  8. Kitty: Thanks!

    Daisy: That is nearly heartbreaking, it’s so cute. I hope six is good for my guy, too.

    Nursemyra: All I know is that the 30’s have kicked the 20’s ass, so the 40’s being better makes sense.

    vinomom: Thanks!

    Southern (in)Sanity: And loudly! Thanks.

    mongoliangirl: Hugemongous, indeed! Thanks.

    Rassles: So. True. I’ll try to prepare him as best I can. Or maybe we’ll just go read some more comics. Whichever.

  9. yeah, and sometimes you even go backwards when you get older. Ok, maybe that´s just me.

  10. Now you can drink a beer for every year.

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