Oh Yes, We Have No Bananas

There’s 3 feet of snow on the ground, so it’s the perfect time to start the outdoor soccer season.


Well, OK, just the registration part.


But some people are thinking ahead.  And I applaud them.


Because while I’m hoping that my son is on a team with a friend or two, and trying to remember where in the flaming hell I put his shin pads at the end of last season, some people are dealing with loftier concerns.


“Is there going to be a green team?  Like, a team with green shirts?  Because last year, my kid was on a yellow team.  And he had to yell ‘Go, Bananas!’ all the time.  And it just about killed him.”


(I had to squelch the urge to ask how to get my kid onto a yellow team.  Because I would like nothing more than to sit on the sidelines yelling “Go Bananas!”, then giggling till I nearly pee.)


(And then bananas made me think of this.  Which has sweet bugger all to do with the post.  Enjoy!)


10 responses to “Oh Yes, We Have No Bananas

  1. So, did you also have to experience the threat of the Mexican ice cream man? Last summer, when my son played soccer, the kids would all forget they were playing an organized sport and would RUN whenever they heard the jingling bells of the Mexican ice cream man. I don’t know Spanish, but I do know Spanish CURSE WORDS. And I used them.

  2. Damn you. I will be singing that stupid banana song all night now.

    OH NO! Now my kids are in on it and someone just mentioned ‘Lime and the coconut’ DEAR GOD HELP ME!

    Might chuck on some headphones and see if I can find ‘Robert DeNiro’s waiting’ Yeah, baby.

  3. Go Bananas, huh?

    That’s a great song, by the way.

  4. I could have been that woman! B. has been green two years in a row, and was so envious of the cool red team last year. ‘Why can’t I be on the Lava team? I don’t want to be a cheetah.’ What cheetahs have to do with green, I’m not sure.

    Anything but green, that’s all I’m hoping for.

  5. I was on a co-ed softball team in college–the Nads. You can probably guess what our cheer was.

  6. Oh God – Banarama – thats the good shit.

    We were FLAMING ORANGE for two years in a row. On the plus side you could fine your team in a heartbeat. But I was still praying for any other color the following year. Neon is just rough on the eyes.

    Don’t you just love living on that soccer field for three months straight? I did it for SEVEN seasons. We are taking a break this year due to my 8 year old’s waning interest.

  7. Kathleen: Oh my god, all it takes is one ill-timed butterfly to kill an entire team’s concentration. If we had to compete with the dickie dee guy, I’d just go home.

    magneto bold too: Bwah ha ha! You’re welcome!

    Southern (in)Sanity: The song is good. The choreography is better.

    Tara: I had no idea color was such a divisive issue! Good luck and godspeed, I’ll put out some “Red” vibves into the universe for you.

    Hereinfranklin: Swear to god, I read your comment 3 times before I got it. Then I laughed. Really loud.

    vinomom: It’s an Under-6 league, and they’re up to 2 nights a week, this year. Oy.

  8. Yup. I like, always was on the blue team. Because God can feel me crying inside at the thought of being on a yellow team. Shivers.

  9. I can understand wanting to yell “go bananas!” When my boy was about eight he was on a basketball team and his jersey number was two. And, yes, my wife and I used to endlessly amuse ourselves by yelling, “go number two, go number two!” I feel quite nostalgic just now.

    Beau L. Mauvemant

  10. Rassles: Wow, I’m glad God’s on your side. And, quite frankly, a little surprised.

    Mark: OK, so now I want my kid on the yellow team, AND I want him to wear number 2. I better get to the first game early.

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