Sugar and Spice and WHAT IS THAT SMELL?


(Image from here.)


The other day, I talked about our excursion to the toy store.


And some of you graciously played along, guessing which person bought which toy.


I bought the Hanukkah duck.

Not because it was flipping people off, as suggested by Sulya.  (Although that didn’t hurt.)  No, I bought it because of my deep and abiding love of all things Jewish.  I love a good klezmer band.  I’m still waiting for someone to ask me to a seder.  And the men…


(Kitty was not wrong, though.  I did, indeed, throw it in the tub with the kids.  I’m a giver.)


The trophy was for the boy. 


As a type A personality, he enjoys signs of outside validation.  And smart-assery.  And things that are shiny.


But the one that NO ONE guessed?


The girl and her fart in a jar.

Last year, her brother got a jar of the stuff in his Christmas stocking.  He finally figured out that this silly-putty type stuff made a fart noise when you inserted your fingers.  He was mildly amused.  But the girl was enthralled.  She could sit there and make squishy, juicy fart sounds for, literally, an hour at a time.  She wore the stuff out.

So when we went into this store, and there was one jar left, and for god’s sakes it was even pink, her favorite color in the whole world, well, that lump was coming home with us.


So now you know.

9 responses to “Sugar and Spice and WHAT IS THAT SMELL?

  1. I would NEVER have guessed the fart in a jar was hers.


  2. That gives pink a whole new level or RESPECT.

    We had a Klezmer band in our wedding. At least that’s what people tell me.

  3. When my folks worked in the funeral business, one of my father’s friends was Jewish. And he wanted to treat our family to a Seder. So, we set up tables in the viewing room and celebrated, yarmulkes and all. I have pictures . . .

    Very surreal . . .

  4. When I lived in Milwaukee some of the neighbors stopped talking to me when I put up a Christmas tree. If I only would have known about the fart in a jar? I could have handed those out and all would have been well.

  5. I still don’t believe I have read anything as funny as this blog

  6. Southern (in)Sanity: There’s something about a girly-girl, who loves princesses AND farts, that makes me smile.

    People In the Sun: I’m jealous. I had a (possibly drunk) DJ. Who played a Bette Midler song.

    tysdaddy: Awesome! Possible Passover post?

    mkh: I think I feel a screenplay coming on…

    mongoliangirl: Everyone farts, ergo, farts unite us all.

    Will: Torn between graciously accepting the compliment, and telling you that you need to read more. Going with acceptance of the compliment, by a narrow margin 😉

  7. That last photo – absolutely fantastic!

  8. Chris: Thank you so much – my husband was a wee bit put out that no one had admired the genius that was the photo of his girl (that he took). You have soothed the ego of a proud father.

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