Guess Who?


the Boy,

and the Girl

went into a toy store.

Each of us picked out one thing.

Each of us was ecstatically happy with our purchase.



Guess which one of us bought:

The Hanukkah Duck

The “Control Freak of the Year” Novelty Trophy

The Container of Pink Ooops (aka “Fart in a Jar)

Go ahead, guess.

(PS: I’ll post the answers on Monday night. Wrack your brains till then, mes amis.)

12 responses to “Guess Who?

  1. I can’t guess. I am too busy laughing my ass off at the duck who appears to be flipping me the “bird” in Hebrew….

  2. Shalom, Ducky!

    It’s easy. You got the duck, she got the trophy, he got the farts.

  3. Sulya said it…the duck IS flipping us off! That’s also why I think that’s the one you chose. And, what darling pictures!

  4. when did you change your hair colour?

  5. Hmmm. First of all, cute photos.

    If you bought these prizes for yourselves, I’d go with trophy for the Girl, fart putty for the Boy, and ducky for you (moms never buy things for themselves. You are going to throw that in the bath with the kids).

  6. I dunno…but I’d love a control freak trophy…and I’d love some fart in a jar come to think of it!

  7. the obvious (to me): boy = fart putty, girl = hannukah duckie, mom = trophy… although i could switch the trophy/duck allocation…

  8. I’m with daisyfae – your kids are so adorable 🙂 And so are you!

  9. You=duck
    Boy=fart in a jar.

    Do I win?

  10. I’m going with daisyfae …

    Duck = girl
    Trophy = you
    Fart in a jar = boy

  11. you = fart in a jar
    boy = trophy
    girl = duck

    It just feels right.

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