I’m an Aunt

16 responses to “I’m an Aunt

  1. So it’s a girl, right?
    Congrats Ginny and family. Such a precious baby, I’m soooo jealous.

  2. Is that you or your sister holding the baby?

  3. I love love love babies. And I am glad that baby has a chance to be loved by you. Beautiful!

  4. What a sweetie. That’s the kind of smile only a newborn can put on someone’s face. Congrats, and try not to get ‘baby fever’ now!!!

  5. awww…. babies rock!

  6. Congratulations, Ginny!

  7. Congrats to you! Welcome little one!

  8. Kitty: It is, indeed, a girl, all idiotic statements by me aside. Thanks.

    Nurse Myra: It’s me.

    mongoliangirl: I wasn’t sure what it would be like – I was the first in my family to have kids, so consequently I was the last to become an aunt. Turns out, it’s really, really similar to the way I felt about my babies. Cool.

    Gigi: Nope. I had my baby flu shot. All good.

    Stephanie: Thanks!

    daisyfae: Yeah – all night and party every day.

    Xbox: Quiet, you with the good memory! (BTW, she’s the result of the 24th cycle. I’m gonna get all Steve Perry, and say don’t stop believin’.)

    Loni, Chris, Beej: Thanks so much. I’m happy.

  9. What they said.

    It’s one of them cute ones, too.

  10. I wish I liked babies so I could be more excited for you.

  11. Awww! Congrats! She looks good on you!

  12. Almost makes me want another one. Almost. I think once you’ve had a few of your own, it’s wiser just to borrow other people’s babies.

    When people used to fawn all over my babies and ask to hold them, I thought, yes, my children are sooooo special that the women folk can’t keep their hands off them. Then I held a newborn after my youngest was a year and a half and I knew we weren’t having anymore and I realized that all those women weren’t holding my babies just ’cause they liked them but because if you’ve been a mother, you hold a baby and close your eyes and you can catch for a brief flashing moment, that feeling and smell, the physical memory of holding your own babies. There is just nothing like it in the world.

  13. PeopleInTheSun: Thanks. She really is.

    Rass: That’s cool. I never “got” babies before I had one. Not that I recommend you go to such lengths to “get” them.

    NATUI: Thanks very much!

    formerlyfun: You just summed it up so perfectly. I couldn’t get the words to come out right, but you did.

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