You Don’t Look a Day Over 195!

Happy Birthday, Charles Darwin!



If he were still alive, he’d be turning 200 today.  (I like to think that if there is a god, Chuck D. got up to heaven, and god was all, “Hey, maybe if you’d believed in Creation, shut the hell up with all that evolution nonsense, I could have let you live to, oh, I don’t know, the age of 200!  But you didn’t.  Joke’s on you, monkey boy!”) 


Times are tough.  When you’re sleeping in your car and eating cat food because you lost your job, your house and, ergo, your friends and family, then I can see where “God”, and the Creation story that goes along with him, might be comforting.  A new Gallup poll says that less than 4 in 10 Americans believe in Evolution.  (Of course, statistics can me made to say whatever you want them to.  83% of all people know that.)


So it was with great glee that I found this:


Yup, you heard that right:  “Raisins come from grapes, people come from apes.”


The kids are gonna be alright.


I think Mr. Darwin would approve.




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Happy Big 200, Charlie D.

February 12th.  1809.

Go forth.


9 responses to “You Don’t Look a Day Over 195!

  1. Not their best song ever, but I’m still glad you found and shared it, but you so owe me 2 minutes and 43 seconds. 😛

  2. Haha, I like those Bare Naked Ladies – you’ve heard their cover of Gin n Juice, right?

    Oh, poor monkey boy, dead before he could really get that beard to come in properly.

    I was listening to George Carlin last night talking about God, something like: “There’s this invisible man watching every single move you make, and he has just ten things he doesn’t want you to do, and if you do one of them he is going to send you to a place full of fire, smoke and torture… and he loves you very much.” Thought that was great 😉

  3. There are a few parishes that recognize the genius of Darwin and refuse to buy into the fable that religion and science can never relate . . . a link, for your reading pleasure . . .

    I was in the bookstore the other day and found a brand new hardbound edition of The Voyage and Origin, in a single volume, for less than $10. You KNOW I bought that bad boy . . .

  4. But . . . what the hell IS that on that puppet’s head . . . a fin or something, a combover . . .

  5. Santa? Is that you?

  6. Oh, Darwin, you old devil. Way to ruin everyone’s life.

  7. 4 in 10 seems pretty high to me.

  8. Peter: Wait until you’ve seen it 37 times. Funny time to decide you’re going to be children’s entertainers, about the same time you’re gonna get REALLY into coke. Whatever.

    chad: That’s one of my favorite Carlin bits EVAH.

    tysdaddy: You know what I dig about you? You can say “Hey! Ginny! Get your judgemental head out of your butt, do some research!” in the nicest way possible. (Also, we spent a good 10 minutes discussing the thing on her head. Owen finally came up with: The character’s name is Mama Yamma. She’s a yam.” He’s so observant.)

    Beej: I’m so going to incorporate that into the yearly lies I tell my kids, re: Santa.

    Rassles: Charlie liked a good shitstorm. Or so the legend goes…

    Xbox: I like to pretend that everyone thinks like I do. Gives me a sense of wonder.

  9. Thanks for the link and for that BNL song – awesome!

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