Sandy’s Boy, Revisited

You might remember Sandy’s Boy.


I’ve thought about him.  A lot.


Today, someone mentioned him.


They’d been to see him.  Sandy couldn’t make it to town to pick up a prescription, asked one of the neighbors to bring it to her.


The neighbor was greeted by “No Smoking – Oxygen on Premises” signs.  And the house didn’t smell like smoke.  It didn’t smell like someone was trying to mask the smell of smoke, either.


The house wasn’t spotless.  But it wasn’t filthy.  It was someone’s Home.


The baby was clean, and alert, and smiling.  He’s only on oxygen for a bit each night.  Developmentally, he’s right where he should be, adjusted for his prematurity.


Sandy’s eyes were clear.  She’s tired.  But she seems to have her shit together.  She’s being monitored by social services.  There are weekly mandatory drug tests.


Her boy was taken away after the calls were made.  But she got him back.


And it seems like, for now, she’s determined to keep him.


(Image is Mother and Baby at Kew by david newbegin)


14 responses to “Sandy’s Boy, Revisited

  1. I’m so happy to hear someone intervened and got Sandy and her boy back on track.
    Thanks for the update.

  2. I had to go back and read the previous post. This really made me happy and I know nothing about these people. And I’m glad people like you are cheering on her successes.

  3. That’s great. I hope it keeps being great, for both of them.

  4. Oh, that is fantastic.

  5. I think that there is one family like that in every small town–the family in the old farmhouse that no one bothers with until something tragic happens…like the Ewells in To Kill A Mockingbird. I’m glad that this family is working it out.

  6. I’ll be praying for them both. Evidently she needed a little bitch slap to wake her up. Glad it seems to be working.

  7. a battle won… but Sandy’s in a war for life. fingers crossed for them both.

  8. what an incredible story. At least we have what seems like a happy ish ending. Half or more of the time, these kids just die from neglect. It is horrible. I pray this kid has a good life.

  9. Dunno why, but this still sticks in my gut.

  10. It’s hard sometimes for outsiders to see it, but kids are generally better with their parents. Even parents who handle themselves or do things most of us cannot fathom. Social services here drops the ball so often, I’m so glad they have here on their radar and hope it all works out.

  11. It’s so nice to hear about everything being done right, you know? Some family of ours just adopted a little girl who was in a similar situation. The poor girl was so badly mishandled until now. It’s nice to know that everything’s working out.

  12. I do remember Sandy & Sandy’s boy. Thanks for the update. I always believe in a Sandy. Always.
    One of my favorite little diddies – Where there is breath there is hope.

  13. Kitty: Me too.

    Nursemyra: Thanks

    Vinomom: I’m even more grateful that the people geographically close to her haven’t written her off.

    Captain Steve: So do I.

    rassles: ’tis.

    hereinfranklin: Even sadder/scarier are the families who are out in the open, and still, no one really knows how wrong things are going.

    derfina: Whatever it takes.

    daisyfae: Fingers, and toes, and whatever the hell else will cross.

    jessica: Man, I hope so too.

    xbox: I have the same feeling. I don’t think for a second this is over.

    formerlyfun: I’d have to agree. I wouldn’t have, before I had kids, before I KNEW kids at all. But I do now.

    Beej: Your friends have a long road ahead of them, too. Brave folks.

    mongoliangirl: I’m extremely cynical, so it’s even more of a shock to me when these things seem to work out.

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