It’s My Party

Today is my birthday.

(Image is Gift From the Storm by elston)

While I support your petitions to your respective employers to get the day off, to celebrate and observe this day, I accept that it’s probably not gonna happen.


(If it makes you feel any better, I’m not getting the day off, either.  My bosses are short, ill-tempered, and one of them barely speaks English.)


But if I was going to have some big, rockin’ party today, I’d want to celebrate with other folks whose birthday is on February 6.  And it’s my fantasy party, so who cares if they’re already dead?  I imagine it would go a little something like this:


First, I’d stop and have a drink with Babe Ruth.

Not a huge fan of baseball, but if my research  (i.e. watching the movie The Babe, starring that loveable teddy-bear, John Goodman) is correct, dude liked a beer.  Or many beers.  And since I’m probably late for the party, as is my way, I probably need to catch up, drunkenness-wise.


Then, I move on to Zsa Zsa.

So much wisdom to impart.  Teach me, Zsa Zsa.  Teach me how to marry rich, and marry often.  How to wear false eyelashes, and not let them wear you.  How to bitch-slap a cop, when cornered. 


Next, I sidle up to Francois Truffaut.

Quite honestly, I’m just hanging out with him cause he ups my cool factor.  If the Babe and I had enough beers, I may complain to Frank that “The 400 Blows” was not was I was expecting from the title.


Axl Rose

is all “Rahr!  I’m a genius!  Gobbeldy, gobbeldy, blah blah blah!”  And no one cares. 


Bob Marley

thinks Axl ought to chill.  And that there’s not enough Cheez Doodles at this party.


But they’ve saved the best for last.


Because the awesomest person born on February 6?

Rick Astley.

(I never stopped loving you, Rick.  Really, I didn’t.)


I dance my ass off, make out with Axl AND Zsa Zsa (awkward) and then pass out in a pile of Cheez Doodles.  Happy Birthday to ME!

25 responses to “It’s My Party

  1. Happy birthday Ginny!

    Sounds like a damn fun party to me, I’ll bring a six pack.

  2. LOL
    Oh youre party is rocking!
    My boss said no but I will slack today in your honor lol
    Happy Birthday!!!

  3. hey happy happies Ginny – hope it’s a totally cool day

  4. Woo Hoo! Happy b-day! Rockin’ party…. sorry about the sofa…. have you seen my bra?

  5. Happy Birthday!

    Now, in order to earn your beer, you’re going to have to carry this raw egg, on a spoon, in your mouth, across the yard, with your hands behind your back and then pick someone to complete the three-legged-race with and finally, chew 5 crackers and whistle “Yankee Doodle”.

  6. Happy Birthday to you indeed! But for my birthday, can you please erase that super close up post-’94 pic of Axl Rose from my memory? I was doing pretty good at lying to myself about the horrible skin/hair/weight/everything until I saw that little doozie. Good thing it’s not ’til November, it’ll probably take a while 😉

    And DUDE! Seriously, you need to just show up in my office one day when Talea and I are belting out Rick Astley. We’re also fans of Rock Lobster and anything else confusing to the average passerby. You’d fit in well 😀

  7. Happy birthday- happyhappy birthday! Happy birthday- um, I don’t know the rest of that Alouette/happy birthday song, but I tried.

    Happy Birthday! and

    OH.MAH.GOD! Rick Astley? You are so lucky!

    Every time I click a link I hope I’m being Rick-rolled.

  8. Fuck you, Ginny, I like Truffaut.

    Well, sometimes.


    I’ve got John Delorean (guess what he invented) and Joan of Arc. I am no way NEAR as cool as you. Rick Astely and Axl Rose? Could you be any specialer? I don’t think so.


  10. You don’t look a day over 40.

  11. Have a great day! You’ll want cake after spending time with Marley.

  12. I was gonna come but after seeing that picture of Axl, I think I’ll pass…some people just don’t age as well as you, Ginny.

  13. Happy, happy birthday Ginny!

  14. How does that funny looking little man have such a serious voice? Happy Birthday. I hope it makes you feel good to know you’re more popular than Rick Astley.

  15. Here’s my promise to you for your birthday celebration: I will make you brownies so you can feel all Rastafarian (but, I won’t tell you if I made them special, just to see what you do), I’ll serenade you when you are three sheets to the wind with the always wonderful “Together Forever”, I’ll do the Axl dance for you when I am three sheets to the wind, and lastly, I will look the other way if you make out with a old woman who you think looks like Zsa Zsa. But I’m gonna tell everyone about the last one, ’cause that’s how I roll.

  16. Happy friggin’ birthday! This year I’m totally googling who shares my birthday. I didn’t get the day off from work (although I did apply, maybe for your bday, maybe not, I’m not telling!)

    I hope you got plenty of cheese doodles.

  17. Kitty: Thank you! And I would never make you BYOB, that’s not my style.

    Loni: Just do a half-assed job, it’s all I’d ever ask.

    nursemyra: It was cool. Cold, even. Snowed all damn day.

    daisyfae: Oh my god, you just brought back a memory from the morning after the night before my sister’s wedding. The maid of honor wakes up and says, “Can someone find my pants? I think they’re in the tree in the front yard.” And they were.

    Stephanie: I’d pick Axl. He’s scrappy.

    Em: Sorry, toots. It’s like someone took Axl’s face and put it on as a mask over their own, isn’t it?

    mtnlover: I never understood why people thought it was a prank, to be Rick Roll’d. To me, it was like the person was saying, “I love you. Here’s a little treat.”

    Rassles: DeLorean was cray-zay. Coke-head who tried to screw people over at every turn. And Joan of Arc? Did you not see Bill and Ted’s? It’s not gonna get any cooler than her!

    Peter: Thanks 🙂

    Xbox: Here’s a classic: Go fuck yourself. (Actually, last year, I told people that I actually WAS 40. Not nearly enough of them laughed. I’m not doing that again.)

    hereinfranklin: Thanks very much. And I agree, Bob probably knew his way around baked goods.

    Tara: Thanks. And to be fair, if I had Axl’s botox budget, who knows what I’d look like?

    gina: Thank you!

    O.G.: I still don’t believe it’s actually him singing. Just doesn’t track.

    Map: You’d like that, wouldn’t you? I’m eating plain old Duncan Hines brownies, being all, “Oh! I’m TOTALLY feeling it!” And you’re just sitting there. Giving me The Look (don’t pretend you don’t know which one). I love you.

    vinomom: No cheese doodles, plenty o’ cake. So its all good.

  18. Damn, I am late to the party and now you and the Babe drank all the beer.

    Good thing I brought extra.

    Happy Birthday Miss. Yay!

  19. Happy Birthday, Ginny! You’re in kind of, dubious (?), company.

  20. Happy Birthday. Now you’re old and it’s time you get all the hot pics of you off your blog, only old saggy pics from now, k?

  21. Happy birthday, Ginny.

    Way late . . .

    I share a birthday with evangelist Billy Graham, so whatever we did together on our birthday would probably involve a Bible and something pureed . . .

  22. Happy Late B-day, I got the James Taylor and Lisa Minelli b-day covered….lucky me!

  23. Max: Right back at ya, kid!

    FreeMan: Thank you. I know. I didn’t even mention that Ronald Reagan could show up, too.

    formerlyfun: Hey, how did you know what I had planned for next week? Don’t say you weren’t warned. (And bring an airline sickness bag)

    tysdaddy: Something pureed. You crazy man, you.

    carla: I’m so jealous! Because you know you & Liza would end up doing all kinds of crazy shit, don’t you?

  24. Happy Birthday!!! Can’t believe I missed it. I suck.

  25. Will: Thanks, and no you don’t. I find it fascinating that our birthdays are within a day of each other – we’ll have to make an effort to coordinate next year.

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