Does This Make Me a Twit?

Last weekend I opened an email that my service provider had thoughtfully wrapped in several layers of protection, having vetted it as obvious spam.  It was an invitation from a friend who wanted me to sign up on Twitter.  (Did my internet host know something I didn’t?)


So I signed up.  But I have some questions:


Where are you guys?  Do you have clever screen names I can’t begin to guess at?  Have you eschewed the entire movement?  Has Twitter already jumped the shark?  Is it already at the stage Facebook got to, where your third grade buddy’s grandma was requesting the privilege of your friendship?  Why did some of you start, then stop?  Will I run out of crap to blog about if I’m putting my inane little thoughts into the form of Twitter updates?


While you’re coming up with my answers, I’ll be amusing myself with this:



15 responses to “Does This Make Me a Twit?

  1. Eric Idle is beautiful. I wish he’d twitter me… twitter me until i scream…

  2. I am also mystified by the twitter world. I know what it is, but not how it works. Sometimes I think twitter would be cool cuz I have lots of random thoughts – but then I worry the same as you that I will have nothing to blog about if I twitter them all away!

  3. You know those horrible blogs that have nothing but “Today I went to the store and it rained. Note to self: next time bring an umbrella, just in case!”? I think Twitter is like that, only less descriptive.

    But for some reason all these companies are signing on and stuff… Maybe I’m missing something?

    Tech sites love it because it’s Open Source or something like that, whatever. Mashable started posting a lot about Twitter applications, until readers started complaining. Then Mashable asked if they were putting up too many Twitter posts. Seems like you’re (we’re) not alone.

  4. sorry Ginny, the Twitter concept really doesn’t grab me

  5. I haven’t found too much good use for it yet. When I go somewhere fun I might post some tweets such as “Metallica just got on stage.”

    I have a friend in Iraq and he kept sending me texts every time he got shot at. I told him to sign up for twitter because he could broadcast that text much cheaper to all his friends and family.
    The military doesn’t allow that however.
    Also, I think during a hurricane some “I’m okay” tweets would be cool.

  6. A lot of people really get into it, but I just can’t be that concise 😉

  7. Nope, didn’t join the Twitter movement.

    Been a card carrying Crackbook member for over a year now though and have to admit, Facebook is my Friend 🙂

  8. michael.offworld

    The jury is out for me too. I’ll stick with it for a bit longer.

  9. Not a Twitter person either.
    However, I am a huge Monty Python fan….awesome video…..I was watching Life of Brian last weekend. I never get tired of it!

  10. Daisyfae: Eric Idle. Really? REALLY?

    vinomom: Yup, I’ve only got a limited number of thoughts per day. I can’t be wasting the little beggars.

    PeopleInTheSun: I followed the link to Mashable. Oy. This is clearly out of hand.

    nursemyra: Hasn’t grabbed me either.

    Kitty: Good point. Concerts, war and natural disaster are all good venues for this.

    cdv: I get about halfway through a thought, and it’s already blinking at me to stop. (I don’t text much, either)

    Kim: Facebook is all about the pictures, really.

    Michael: I’m with you.

    Miss: I can’t wait to indoctrinate the kids, so that one day we’re walking down the street, and they’re yelling “Bring out your dead!”

  11. Twitter schmitter. I admit a complete lack of understanding it. Monty Python, however, I could understand that all day long.

  12. Yeah, I don’t get the Twitter thing either. I don’t think the Internet needs to know every little thought that bounces around in my head and every single surely brilliant observation I make.

    I think updating my blog a few times per week is enough, really.

  13. I dont bother with this twitter thing because I havent figured out how it works lol.

  14. mongoliangirl: I don’t think it’s that we don’t understand it – I think we’re expecting it to be more than it is. Hype, it’s all hype I tell you!

    Beej: Exactly! I can’t freaking believe people tune in to read this stuff, why would they want the leftovers?

    Loni: You’re probably overthinking it. 😉

  15. glad to see i’m not the only one out there that just doesn’t get it. And I’m too lazy to figure it out.

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