How Do You Spell “RELIEF”?

I’ve been eating, non-stop, since November.


For a while, my metabolism kept up.


But lately, judging from the hatred my pants have been showing me, it’s waving a white flag.


A couple of years ago, I lost a bunch of weight.  I moved a little more, but mostly, it was about changing what I ate.


Today, I decided I was back on The Program.


When I’m on The Program, I drink water.  A LOT of water.


After Day 1, I’m beginning to question whether the weight loss was a result of the change in diet, or the fact that we have one bathroom.


And it’s upstairs.



(Image is The Stairs by Jonny Rewind)

15 responses to “How Do You Spell “RELIEF”?

  1. Congrats on losing weight!! I too have lost weight. Took me 4 years to lose 60 lbs. but I am still trying to lose the last 25. I believe that if you lose it slowly you are more likely to keep it off. I was diagnosed with Diabetes 4 years ago so it meant a drastic change in my diet and excercise routine. Good Luck and happy dieting!!

  2. Best of luck Ginny, take care of the problem before it gets out of hand, while you can still fit the skinny clothes (even though they’re tight).
    The worst thing you can do is buy bigger clothes.

  3. Good luck to you! What kind of “Program” is it?

  4. Last year I lost 13 pounds.

    Last year I gained 12 pounds, seemingly between Dec 15 and Dec 31st.

    I weigh myself every morning, and am constantly amazed at how I will gain 3 lbs in a day, then lose it again in the next. Now if I lost 3 lobs 2 days in a row, then we’ll be in business.

  5. I insist on only reading slim attractive people.

    Don’t let me down now.

  6. Ohh, ohh, that is an awful bathroom situation there. My condolences!

  7. LMAO – We could be twins! I too lost a lot of weight a few years ago and have steadily gained it all back. And as of today (Day 1) I worked out and ate right.

    Now we have three bathrooms, but maybe from now on I’ll only use the one on the second floor!

  8. Mtn Angel: Good for you, and thanks.

    Kitty: I’m incredibly cheap. I spent a lot of money on clothes on the way down (9 different sizes), I’ll be DAMNED if I’m spending my way back up.

    Amy: Thanks. I did WW.

    Beej: I know! I used to go up and down 5 pounds in a day. I don’t really weigh myself anymore (mostly because I have the world’s worst bathroom scale), but when the pants are tight and muffin tops abound, and I just feel “yuck”, time to work on it.

    Xbox: Fuck, you’re a demanding little bugger, aren’t you?

    Captain: It sucks so hard. Especially when you consider my husband’s a PLUMBER!

    Vinomom: Yay us! I appreciate your solidarity, but for god’s sakes, don’t be a hero, use the closest bathroom!

  9. This reminds me of one of my favourite books from my childhood, ” Stop Eating All The Goddamned Food, Fatty”. No, wait, I totally made that up. Sorta. Kidding, good on ya, Gin. The bathroom situation does remind me of one of Seuss’s masterpieces, “Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?”. The part about the bathroom being way over, well, there. Dig? No? Fuck it, I’m actually going to agree with Xbox, don’t ruin this.

  10. Dude, my dad went on the Dr. Phil dealio, and I lost forty pounds just being in the same grocery acquisition household. Of course, it was the year before I left for the ramen-noodle-poverty of UofT residence…that was rough on the old hipline….yeeeaaah. Thankfully, now I too have tall, winding stairs. They do work wonders, don’t they? Mine are magenta. Hideous, hideous magenta.

  11. dieting just sucks all around. i’m right there with ya. it’s week 3 and i’m freakin’ HUNGRRRY!

  12. May I suggest caffine – it’s an appetite suppressant

  13. Key: Thanks, I think. A friend and I were walking past a health food store that sold weight loss “patches”. The friend is way more outspoken than me, and yelled into the store that the only way the fucking things would work is if you put them over your mouth. Maybe they should have just sold that book.

    Em: Poor, poor Owen found the opposite when I was on WW; I still cooked the same amount, but didn’t eat as much, so he “had to” pick up the slack. Sucks to be him.

    gina: I think it’s like quitting heroin. But without the vomiting. Mostly.

    O.G.: AND a diuretic…

  14. my friend lives in a four story home. I would just hold it in if that meant not walking up all those flights of stairs.

  15. Jessica: While I accept it as a strategy, it makes me mean. Really mean.

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