“What we’ve got here is…failure to communicate.”


The 2 year old – talks.


A lot.


She wakes up talking, talks while she’s playing, talks while she’s eating, talks while she’s in the car, talks in her sleep.


When she was a chubby, frustrated baby, I used to wish so hard that she could just tell me what was going on with her.  She learned a little sign language, but not enough to let me know what she was thinking, how she was processing her surroundings.


I’m getting my wish, now.


The other day, we’re in her room, she’s playing, I’m putting away laundry.


“You kid, I be mom?”


Pretending is her favorite thing to do.  I’m down with that. 


“OK.  What would the kid say?”


“How ’bout ‘Git me dooce’?'”


“Get me juice!  Get me a snack!  I want a blanket!”  Role playing.  “I want stuff and I want it NOOOOOW!”


“OK, I git you dat.”


I don’t know what to say.  She left out the eye-rolling, the sighing, the “Just wait a minute!  Can’t you see I’m busy?”  that she usually gets. 


“Thanks Mom.  Can I get you anything?  What do you need?”


She cocks her head to one side, looks quizzical.


“Oh no, Mommies don’t need anything!”



(Image is “Children should be seen and not heard” by robpatrick)


14 responses to ““What we’ve got here is…failure to communicate.”

  1. haha… perfect image for your post

  2. michael.offworld

    My two year-old is pushing four now (holy crap) and he hasn’t stopped talking once. Even talks in his sleep. I’m not complaining though. He is getting more interesting. Yesterday he was cleaning his room and we heard him muttering, “what am I going to do with all this shit?”

  3. the phases kids go through are funny

    the first 2-3 years we tell them over and over..”use your words”

    the next 10 years we spend telling them to please “shut-up”

    then, the teenage years will be spent getting them to try to talk to us again!!!

    boy was your 2 year old wrong…mom’s NEED a lot…we just don’t GET any of it!!!

  4. Better than her saying you need to quit smoking, or take a shower, or shut the flup up.

  5. Smart thing. Mommies require nothing. Nothing, I tell you.

  6. And I constantly wonder what my dogs are thinking. I would LOVE to hear their thoughts on things. Though I suspect the Labby would just thing the same thing over and over again. “Frisbee. Frisbee. Frisbee. Frisbee.”

    I accuse my beagle of being more cerebral. When I take the Labby for a jog I leave the beagley one home with CNN on to keep him company. I suspect the beagle has a very keen knowledge of current events.

  7. This is an excellent snippet into the mind of the toddler/terrorist!

  8. nursemyra: God bless the internet. Although from the looks of things, he’s pretty much forsaken it…

    michael: You can’t even get mad at him, if he’s going to swear in context.

    Nikki: It almost made me cry, that she sincerely believed I don’t need anything. On one hand, I’m glad she seems to think I’ve got my shit together. But on the other hand, I’m scared I’m setting up some ugly patterns.

    Xbox: She has told me all those things. She also greets me in the morning by putting her hand over her nose, and saying “You need brush yo TEEF!!”

    rassles: Fuck. That.

    Beej: I’m with you. And I think beagles would be Libertarians. I don’t know why, I just do.

    FreeMan: Terrorists with Napoleon complexes. (Once, while I was Christmas shopping, this woman gave me an incredibly dirty look, when I walked away from my tantrum-ing son, saying in my best Dubya voice ‘I will not negotiate with terr-rists.’)

  9. That’s right up there with the statement my son made about me. “You’re not a GIRL … you’re a MOM!’

    Somehow we seem to lose not only our identity and needs when having a child, apparently, we also lose our gender!

    Cute one Ginny 🙂

  10. Kim: That might be handy when he gets older and starts having “girl” trouble – at least you’re not one of THEM!

  11. My daughter is 3 and she is constantly playing the same little game, “I’ll be the mommy and you be the baby. Does that sound like a great idea?” The only difference is that I DO get the eyerolling and the “wait-a-minutes” after I nag her for everything and complain about it when I get it. This little exercise typically ends up with us both in peals of laughter. Thanks for sharing this story. Your daughter sounds like a sweetheart!

  12. Ginny that was so funny, ok, I git you dat. My daughter, if she listens to me, will preface everything with, in a minute. I’m working with my fifteen month old on words and every new word she learns I’m like, whoopee, we’re getting closer, but then I remember the incessant chatter stage my other two went through and I know I’m bringing it on myself.

  13. Gwen: Thanks. She chooses other behaviors to imitate. Like swearing, and flipping people off in traffic.

    chris: I just don’t like it when they tell people how we live.

  14. “I just don’t like it when they tell people how we live.”


    The police tend to show up more often when they do that don’t they Ginny? ;-p

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