I Get Around



I’m guest reviewing at Ask & Ye Shall Receive, today.


Waaaaay harder than it looks.


Check it out, if you’re into that kind of thing.

11 responses to “I Get Around

  1. I almost couldn’t go there because as you know those guys HATE me. But I blipped over anyway and liked your “tell it like it is but without the vitriol” review. well done Ginny.

  2. chapped hair taco?


  3. Nurse: Thanks so much.

    Kitty: Hey, I live in a cold, cold country. Full of dangers you could never dream of… 😉

  4. Yes but other then that Mrs. Lincoln, how’d did you like the play?

    I hope you guest review often…

  5. Thanks so much, deb. I survived, so that’s positive.

  6. Hairy. Taco.

    I swear. I think I almost died right there.

  7. Kim: Makes you think BK, or McDonald’s, or Wendy’s…anything but Taco Bell tonight. Am I right?

  8. Great review. Tough love, but not brutal. I liked it a lot. It was very… Ginny. 🙂

  9. loved it Ginny, you rock.

  10. bluestreak: Thanks. It’s way harder than you’d think.

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