“Computer says naaaayyyoooo…”

The 2 year old says “No.”


A lot.


And she pronounces it in kind of a peculiar way.


I’m pretty sure I watched this, when she was in utero.




16 responses to ““Computer says naaaayyyoooo…”

  1. Love that show, but can only watch one episode at a time or it does my head in. Same with ‘The Office’ 🙂 But give me ‘Ugly Betty’ and ‘Heroes’ and it’s a marathon viewing.

  2. That ending is just wrong, wrong I tell you. LOL.

  3. GYL: Does your head in? Because it is too awesomely hillarious?

    Kitty: In the American version, they’ve got her working in a hospital. I’m partial to the original, but the American one makes me laugh out loud, too.

  4. Oh wow, they had to make an American version?

    I’ve been in these British travel shops, they really are a lot like in the video, don’t give a crap.

  5. Note to self, don’t read blogs on work time. I just got a call to set up email for an employee, and it was all I could do to keep from saying “computer says naaaooooo”. You coulda cost me my job! 🙂

  6. Teach her to cough in people’s faces after she says it, that’ll be a winner.

    (ever see Catherine Tate’s show? infinitely funnier than LB)

  7. You know, I’m wishy-washy on LB. Sometimes I like it, sometimes it’s a little to Mad TV for me.

    (I have serious laugh-track issues. It fucks up the timing, man, when the laughter is written into the script. I’m all for subtlety. Probably because I’ve never been good at it.)

  8. I said “to” instead of “too.”


  9. And now I’m saying it.

  10. Kitty: It’s probably the first time I’ve liked an American version as much as an original. It’s pretty good.

    Boomcoach: Sorry, man. Catchy, ain’t it?

    Xbox: She happens to have a chest cold right now, so it’s not much of a stretch (I’ll check this Tate woman out, posthaste.)

    Rassles: Yeah, I could do without a laughtrack. (And I did judge you for your incorrect spelling. But I did it silently. Because I’m wicked polite.)

    the replicant: Tee hee. Pass it on.

  11. *peedalittle* :)))))

    Your kid is now officially fifty flavours of awesome.

  12. Thanks Drea. Depends are in Aisle 3.

  13. Billy: Thanks. Not so cute, when you hear the word no about 3 million times a day…

  14. Okay, so every time I go to use the DVD player in my classroom, the remote only works if I hold it 2″ away from the sensor… And I think, “Huh, remote says… noooo.” And then I laugh, can’t refrain from saying it outloud, only to discover that local grade 12s don’t watch Little Britain. Who knew?

  15. hendergurlie: You are wasted on those kids. Wasted.

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