Hey! Do This!

So you know how a lot of bloggers will deny it, but they harbor secret fantasies about writing a real-live-honest-to-goodness-published book?  (Or is it just me?)  And you know how, when one of those bloggers actually gets a book published, I’m we’re so jealous we could just sit and gnash our teeth all damn day?  Well, not this time.


Stephanie is a blogger.  And now, she’s a published author.  And try as I might, I can’t be jealous.  She’s got the goods – funny, smart, insightful.  And she’s just so fraggin’ nice, I can’t begrudge her one morsel of success.


Her book’s available for pre-order at amazon.com.


And, even though amazon is uncoolly discriminating against me for being Canadian, and denying me free shipping (yeah, yeah, customs, whatever), I’ve pre-ordered mine.  Maybe you should, too, so we’ll have something to discuss the next time we get together for coffee casual sex a drink coffee.


10 responses to “Hey! Do This!

  1. Hey, I don’t deny it all – I wanna write/finish an honest to goodness, real, live published book. 🙂 And definitely jealous of those who have. And if they are younger than me……grrrrr!

  2. Wait- you’re offering casual sex? Damn! It’s too bad you’re Canadian.

    It really is crazy awesome that she published a book.

  3. I don’t know her, so can I be jealous and snotty and bitchy?

  4. Awwww! Thanks! 🙂

    And thanks so much for pre-ordering in spite of the discrimination.

    And thanks for the offer of casual sex, but I’m spoken for.


  5. Oh and GYL? No worries. I’m older than you. 🙂

  6. I want that too. Badly.

  7. GYL: Well now you’ve said it out loud (so to speak), so it’s a real-live-out there goal. Go with it.

    Captain: Are you saying that I’m too far away, or that you sexually discriminate against Canadians? (Either way, your loss.) And it is crazy awesome. Crizawesome.

    Xbox: You may not. So stop it.

    Stephanie: I’m just so dang happy for you.

    Maria: You will. I know it. (Because there’s a certain series you started that I would definitely pay to read. Get on it.)

  8. Mine’s written. I am editing now. *jumping up and down*

  9. Beej: Good on you. I envision a whole shelf of my bookcase, devoted to bloggers who knew me before they got big.

    mkh: Keep going. Great American Novels are not written in a weekend. Which is why I’ll never write one, because anything that takes longer than 2 days is beyond me.

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