Holidailies, You Kicked My Figurative Ass

Whew!  It’s over!


I feel a little like a marathon runner, crossing the finish line.  (And let’s face it, this is the closest I’m going to come to that feeling, what with this piano tied to my ass.)


My commitment to Holidailies has officially been fulfilled.  33 posts in 33 days.  And not just any 33 days.  33 days that included shopping, cleaning, school concerts (yes, plural), tree decorating, stress, some yelling, some crying, 870 miles of highway in 4 days, lots of snot, pink eye and tonsilitis (in the same kid), not nearly enough booze, 3 clandestine cigarettes, kisses, hugs, disappointment, elation and one nut-punching incident my son can’t stop reliving.


I was hesitant to sign up.  Thought it would be yet another thing I started and didn’t finish.  I was wrong.


I actually enjoyed it.  A lot.  Never knowing what I was going to write, but knowing that I WOULD write.  Finding new blogs, meeting new readers.  And (not to toot my own horn, but AROOOGAH!!) having five of my posts picked as “Best of Holidailies” selections. 


Big, big thanks to Chip and Jette, the people who make Holidailies possible.  Big thanks to Kitty, for introducing me to the whole thing.



I can stop, now.  I don’t have to write tomorrow.


But I might.


18 responses to “Holidailies, You Kicked My Figurative Ass

  1. Of course you were like, Holidailies All-Star. Duh.

    I sucked at it.

  2. You did not suck. I have stats on my side. We both have the exact same record: 15% of our posts were picked for Best-Of.

    Math. Suck on it.

    (And Happy Birthday, again!)

  3. I found your blog during the Holidailies and I was spoiled…because I knew I had your posts to look forward to EVERY day.


  4. You are a rockstar!

    Take that from the nonfinisher from the Amish Freeway!


  5. I loved your Holidailies! I looked forward to a new post every day – thats why I passed my award onto you – (some award in spanish or whatever)

    So go pick it up, already!

  6. well, we hope you do. bummed hoildailies is over. you rocked it.

  7. You were amazing, Ginny.

    Now I will have to go through withdrawals. Lllllooookkkk my hannnds are already starting to shhaake.

    Keep me healthy. Write often. You do it well.

  8. well done. and on only three cigarettes?

  9. Oy vey. I’m impressed because I could never do something like that. Well, I suppose I could, but would never would. I’m impressed.
    Where can we find your ‘Best Of’ on the Hollidailies (or whatever that thing is called)?

  10. Call me simple, but I just thought you were really bored the last few weeks.

  11. Well done. Like Xbox, I thought you just had a lot of time on your hands during the holidays. Take yourself a little break!

  12. Congratulations. You did good.

  13. Nikki: You are too kind, thank you!

    Miss: Well if I had a pack of Mennonites depending on me, I might not have posted that much either.

    vinomom: Thanks, dollface!

    gina: Thanks!

    Kitty: Hey, you’re the one who started it. Thanks.

    nursemyra: Yeah, I’m a pretty casual smoker. My pack a day husband doesn’t get me, at all.

    mongoliangirl: There’s a link in the post. And yes you could too do it.

    Xbox: You’re simple.

    FreeMan: Lot of time on my hands. At Christmas. MEN!!!

    Peter & max: Thank you so much. But coming from two people who post daily ALL YEAR LONG, a month is nothing!

  14. Ooh, well done! I would have just ended up talking out of my ass, I have not very much to say on a daily basis.

    That instant-post feature in the new dashboard is cool though. If I’d used it, you probably would have seen posts like “Why the hell ass are decorations still up? Why is my office so busy! It’s the holidays! Grar grar grar!” Your posts are far more interesting 😉

  15. Grar grar grar. You know I’d tune in just for that.

  16. Good for you, although you gave me a shitload of reading to catch up on. You know I can’t miss a single one of your posts.

  17. bluestreak: You’re welcome?

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