Too much food.  Too many chocolates eaten by small children.  Too much wrapping paper, and hoping small parts of complicated toys were not in said wrapping paper.  Too much spent on presents (but I’m actually happy about it, because I made out like a bandit).  



Just enough hugs from sick kids trooping their way through the day.  Just enough inside jokes with family.  Just enough forgiveness, understanding, making nice.  Just enough spiced rum.




One gift from my son that he said didn’t fit in my stocking.  A big hug, and a big kiss, and a “Thanks for all of this, Mom.  It’s perfect”.


Merry Christmas.


9 responses to “Whew!

  1. I think you got the best gift of all!

  2. Aw, how sweet 🙂

    ….and phew, I am not the only one who blogged on Christmas day. I didn’t know if that was blasphemy or something 😉

  3. Dang it girl! Made me tear up again today! I don’t think you got the best gift of all. I KNOW you did!

  4. Kids got a bunch of gift cards this year, and I always worry that they’ll get tossed in all the hubbub of cleaning up. Nothing like that this year . . .

    And can I have some spiced rum? Please?!

  5. Nice! Sounds like you all had an excellent day. Making nice and big hugs from kids. Excellent.

  6. Way to go to the little man…

    He is tricksy smart and cute that one…

    And to you my friend:

    Happy Happy & Merry Merry!!!

    Massive Hugs to you and yours from moi.

  7. derfina: It sure greased the wheels, made the day easier.

    GYL: Hey, I promised to fulfill my Holidailies requirement, blasphemy or no blasphemy!

    arynsmom: Thanks 🙂

    nursemyra: Those sons of ours, hey?

    tysdaddy: Nothing would make me happier than to sit down in real life with you, and a whole pile of the other blog people we’ve met, and frink a whole mess of the stuff. Maybe next year?

    mongo: It really was. Hope you had a good one too, chica.

    nikki: Thanks. I liked it.

    sulya: Thanks, and see you soon. Like, tomorrow, hopefully.

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