Which One Are You?


There’s two kinds of people in this world:


(and no, I’m not talking about those who like Neil Diamond, and those who don’t)


Christmas Eve present openers, and the Christmas Morning crew.


Two distinct camps, each convinced their way is the right way.


(Really, I’m surprised wars haven’t been fought.)


I grew up as an Eve opener.  We’d stare at the clock until exactly 7 p.m.  Then, we were allowed to walk over to my grandparents.  The whole mess was over by 7:30, 8 at the latest.  (To make it last longer, I’d always volunteer to pass out presents, leaving my own pile until everyone was done.)


Then, nothing.


Sure, Santa would come around in the morning with one present.  But really, it was over.


So I grew up as an Eve opener, always secretly wanting to be a Morning.


Now that I’m the boss of me, I’m a confirmed Morning opener.  I like to draw these things out as long as possible.  I think my kids do, too. 


I love the anticipation. 


Have a wonderful Christmas Eve, everybody.


19 responses to “Which One Are You?

  1. We’re one present on Christmas Eve and the rest Christmas morning. 🙂

  2. everything on christmas day!!!!

    merry xmas Ginny xx

  3. We give our kids new pajamas to open before bed but then everything else is Christmas day. I can’t imagine the hell involved in trying to get them to go to sleep with a ton of tempting new toys to play with!

  4. We always did Eve at one grandparent’s house, and then Morning at the other. For oh so many years . . .

    Now, with my family being established and grandparents so far away . . . we do it on Christmas morning.

    Have a good one . . .

  5. Hi Ginny,

    We were always a one on Christmas eve and the rest in the morning, too. Course Mom always got to pick which one we opened Christmas eve so it was always something completely lame like socks or something. Thanks, Mom.

    Hope you and yours have a wonderful day.

  6. We always reverse your childhood way, opening only one gift on Christmas Eve and the rest in the morning.

    Our family was a little mixed up, I guess. MY grandma was of Scandinavian ancestry and they celebrated on the Eve. MY grandpa was of English descent and they celebrate in the morning.

    So every Christmas Eve I make Scandinavian food and we open one gift. And then Every Christmas Day we have another feast with some roast hunk of meat and a load of presents.

    Talk about drawing things out. . . . . .

  7. I’m glad do hear you’ve seen the light and converted to a morning opener. 🙂 You did the right thing, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 😉

  8. I would open a Christmas present in May! Any time will do. Happy holidays Miss Ginny.

  9. We used to wait until Christmas but we went all hog wild and opened them all up last night.

    Merry Christmas, Ginny.

  10. We used to be more a “12 days of Christmas” family. Now we’re a Christmas morning crew since the kids are older, but I still miss the old way.

    We’d all stock everyone’s stockings with small gifts… jokes… candy… whatever. And a week or so before Christmas we’d start opening one thing from the stocking each evening. The main gifts and any remaining stocking gifts were left for Christmas morning.

    In my mind, it was sort of the best of both ways, but it’s too much work to buy that many stocking stuffers any more!

  11. Maria: Hope you had a great Christmas, but really, with those girls of yours, how can you miss? 🙂

    nursemyra: I hope you got what you wanted, and that you had enough batteries on hand 😉

    Sherry: Welcome! And actually, mine were so tired, they still passed out, even with the one toy I let them open.

    tysdaddy: I wonder how it will change for me as we get more “established”.

    hedon: My mother-in-law tries to pull that. God-damn Christmas nazis.

    Writinggb: That would have been so cool!

    Peter: In the immortal words of Bartles & Jaymes, “Thank you for your support.”

    Mongo: You little free spirit you! Merry Christmas!

    Kitty: I wondered how you guys handled it, what with your jet-setting ways. Merry Christmas!

    Lara: That sounds like fun…and a hell of a lot of work! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  12. I never gave a toss when what happened, but the wifey’s family have been staunch Xmas morning-ers forever, and it’s caught on.

  13. I got lucky. With divorced grandparents, we got a Christmas eve, a Christmas morning, AND a Christmas afternoon! Granted, grandpa remarried, again, and there is no more Christmas afternoon, so now we nap or this year played the new Wii Fit game.

  14. Scandalous! It simply has to be morning! The web of lies would otherwise surely unravel!

  15. I grew up a Morning opener, though one gift was always allowed to be open on Eve.

    Now that I’m older and our family’s traditions have changed, and even moreso now that I’m merging my family with Bill’s, we are dual day openers. How rockin’ is that?

    We go to my parent’s house on Christmas Eve and open gifts with them after we stuff ourselves silly with ham, mashed potatoes, deviled eggs and, of course, Christmas cookies!

    We roll home after that melee, make the kids go to bed, then Bill and I do the Santa thing. In the morning the kids wake up to a ginormous pile of stuff, stockings and Bill’s parents with their gifts to the kids. We get to do it all over again.

    By 10 a.m. I’m ready for a nap even though I’ve downed a pot and a half of coffee. No amount of caffeine can mess with the Christmas Day nap.

  16. Xbox: With umpteen brothers and sisters, you were probably just glad to get a gift, am I right?
    (sniff, tear)

    faemom: I had divorced grandparents too. Didn’t do me a lick of good.

    Em: To tell the truth, I kind of downplayed Santa. And whenever there was a hole (how did grandma know to buy me a game for the leapster that santa brought?), the boy filled it in himself (they probably talk, right?). So I’m just gonna let the web unravel itself.

    Sue: I don’t know why, but now I can’t think about anything but deviled eggs. I am officially obsessed, and am on my way to the spice cabinet to see if I have paprika. Damn you!

  17. Morning. Always morning.

  18. Hey there….
    I just stumbled on to this site – and have now devoted a good deal of my (work) day to reading it! 🙂

    I am both….an eve opener and a morning opener. It’s great when two family traditions collide to make one bigger and better tradition. Christmas Eve is celebrated by my side of the family; where we usually have anywhere from 16 to 20 people (friends who are family, and family who are friends) enjoying food, drinks and presents. Then I stay over at my sister’s who proceeds to open presents with her husband’s family on Christmas morning!

    We draw Christmas out for as long as possible!


  19. My dad’s family are eve openers and my mom’s family are Christmas day openers. When I was a kid, I thought they had worked that out for the benefit of my brother and me. (What? Children are narcissists.)

    My dad’s family moved away, and the first Christmas I visited them as an adult, I was shocked when they still opened presents the night before. We spent the next day just playing board games and trying to find a pizza place that was open on the holiday. It was kind of a let down.

    Given my druthers, I choose Christmas day.

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