The Arborist Regrets

Remember the arborist?


(God knows, I do.)


He sent a Christmas card.


One of those glossy, picture cards, with “Happy Holidays” printed at the end.


Do you realize what this means?


I am in possession of a picture of this man.  That I can look at, anytime.  In the privacy of my own home.  And I didn’t have to do anything stalker-ish to get it.


(Oh yeah, his wife and kids are in it, too.  But the look on his face says he’d ditch them all in a second for a shot with moi.)

17 responses to “The Arborist Regrets

  1. With the magic of Photoshop, all you have to do is click and the wife is out of the picture. Literally. *giggle*

  2. yeah photoshop out the wife and put yourself in there. LOL.

    (you should scan it and put it on the blog for us ladies to see)

  3. I feel used on his behalf!

  4. I’m with Rassles! C’mon…share?

  5. had a moment like your “arborist” moment when i hired a home inspector prior to check out a condo i was about to buy… for me? lust love at first sight… for him? took him a few weeks, but we’ve been hanging out together since august and he’s going to break my heart into a billion pieces but i’m not sure i care… um, come back, and stomp on it some more just to make sure you got all of it, hot workin-man…

    sometimes? it’s easier to be married…. to a cool guy who can throw it right back at you…


  6. Beej: It’s funny. I don’t even see her. I mean, I know she’s THERE, but I’m just delusional enough…

    Kitty: Can you imagine meeting up with her one day? “I thought I scanned your ass out, bitch!”

    mhk: Sorry, toots. 😉

    xbox: You like it like that.

    Rassles & derfina: I would, but:
    1. I am quite convinced that the minute I did that, somehow, in some way, he’d become aware of this site, find the picture, and then it would get all weird and legal.
    2. He’s wearing a dorky sweater, thereby covering up the best bits. It’s OK for me, because I can extrapolate, having seen the original. I just wouldn’t want to disappoint you.

    daisyfae: Ooooh! I will live vicariously through you!

  7. A sweater? Like a Christmas sweater? Who wears sweaters? His wife made him do it. She always tells him what to wear and how to pose for pictures… Sometimes he feels like he needs some time away… maybe instead of removing this tree he’s working on, he could just build a tree house there… Just a place where he could be himself… Without the sweater…

  8. So….? Is is wife as hot as your husband claimed? 😉

  9. Ginny, have you been drinking too much eggnog again?

  10. People: It’s like you speak my language. You GET me. So this is what it sounds like when the doves cry…

    GYL: My official word on her is “Meh.” Yeah, she’s pretty.

    nurse: You KNOW it, sistah! I don’t do this season straight!

  11. “Meh.” I love it. That’s the word I always use when someone asks me if I think another woman is pretty.

    I, too, would love to see a pic… maybe you could just tell us his celebrity twin?? Patrick Dempsey?? Brad Pitt? Eric Bana??


  12. Um, kind of Bana-y. If I had to pick one.

  13. Oooh, even the title “The Arborist” sounds like something you’d read in an A. N. Roquelaire novel. Or Jackie Collins, depending on the spin.

  14. Really, that’s all that separates “The Greats” from Jackie C. – spin. I love your mind, Em.

  15. Just stumbled upon your blog via an “arborist” keyword search. It was tempting to link to your page at one of the 3 main arborist forums online asking “hey – who sent the card?” – LOL


    MDV / Oregon Arborist

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