The First Noel (That I Can Remember)

My memory of my childhood is spotty, at best.  Swiss cheese-like, usually.


But there are a few things I remember.


Like the best Christmas present I ever got.


See that white truck behind me?  It’s a replica delivery truck, from a department store called Stedman’s.  I don’t remember asking for it.  I don’t remember who bought it for me.  But what I do remember is that, even at the age of 3 nearly 4, I knew trucks were something that boys were supposed to play with.  And the budding little feminist in me was thrilled to be bucking The System.

15 responses to “The First Noel (That I Can Remember)

  1. I got a Tonka truck when I was quite young, and I still have it somewhere . . . but I always got a kick playing with my sister’s barbies. (Don’t. Tell. ANYone!!!!!)

  2. My favorite was a chemistry set and microscope. For the first time, I dreamed of being something besides a housewife or a stewardess.

  3. Baby Ginny! Oh how cute!

    I used to steal my little brother’s Tonka tractors. I also had quite a collection of Hot Wheels which I’d bury in the yard so my brothers wouldn’t steal them from me. All that stealing and burying, perfect background for a pirate or a gravedigger.

  4. My (very girly) daughter (then about 7 or 8) was given a
    scalelectrix car racing set for Christmas one year by my feminist mother. Daughter, whose eyes were bulging at the size of the box, was stunned into silence when she ripped the wrapper off the present. She gave my mum a lonnnnggg stare before thanking her. I swear I have never seen such anticipation turn into such disappointment!

    She did play with, but only after I had set it up and showed her what it did.

    Nana only gives gift vouchers now.

  5. mongo: Word.

    tysdaddy: We took it a step further with my poor little brother. That man wore a lot of green eyeshadow as a kid…

    derfina: Not pictured: the L’il Housekeeper Set I got for my birthday 2 months later.

    Kitty: I would give money to meet the child version of Kitty. With all your hidey holes and nefarious schemes.

    Stretchman: That poor kid! I think if one of my kids was that disappointed, they wouldn’t be able to muster the thank you.

  6. When I was seven I lost my shit on my mother for having the nerve to accidentally procure one of the ‘bad guys’ from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles instead of Raphael, subject of my young anthropomorphized affection. Poor mom. Only one daughter and even that was a gyp 😉

    To be fair, the bad guy was some kind of frog, which I guess in cartoon version to the unobsessed eye can look somewhat turtle-esque…

  7. Dude, completely. I got a racetrack set. Down with The Man!

  8. Best gift ever = Robin Hood Lego tree fort. I was all kinds of mad when I learned that Robin Hood was not, in fact, a fox. But then I saw the brown Lego horse, the first one ever, and I was smitten. Life over.

  9. Em: I totally remember that frog guy! I’m pretty sure my brother had it. And I adore the word anthropomorphized. Love. It.

    gnomespeak: Rock on.

    Rassles: Oh my god, that Disney version of Robin Hood was way influential. Kevin Costner can suck it; that little fox will always be Robin to me.

    mkh: Too cool! My son wanted an easy-bake oven. But then he saw that they only come in pink, and said never mind. Bummer.

  10. michael.offworld

    Stedmans. Do they exist anymore? I think I saw one in Drayton. Mine was a Coleco electronic football game. I still have it.

  11. Michael: Nope. I’m pretty sure they were bought out by Fields. (Seriously, do I need to waste brain space on that? Geez!) I remember that football game; it’s probably worth a mint.

  12. great pic and great story.

  13. Thanks, bluestreak! I was not a good looking child, but I was a FIERCE poser.

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