Just Like Your Mom Used To, Um, Make



I skipped breakfast.


I missed lunch.


(I did, however, manage to work in a metric buttload of coffee.)


The temperature rose.


I spent a lot of time walking across parking lots.


And when I looked down at those perfect, brown peaks,


I craved mashed potatoes and gravy. 



(photo by Rebecca Whitney)


14 responses to “Just Like Your Mom Used To, Um, Make

  1. Bwahaha. Are those dirty snow tracks?
    I’m guessing your barf-o-rama thing is over? I just picked Spanky up from school sick.

  2. Oh Ginny. I don’t know if you just made me feel a little wistful or engaged my gag reflex.

  3. And then you wrote this post in your head as you traveled home, ran to the computer once you got through the door and typed it before you took off your shoes. I know.

  4. Oh, you got nominated too. You holidailies star, you.

  5. OMG, we were sitting in the Home Depot parking lot one day in the winter, a few days after we had a snow storm. There was a kid playing in the grey-ish filthy parking lot iceberg formed by the snowplows in the parking lot. The kid began to EAT the snow from the grey iceberg. GAH!

  6. Kitty: Yup! I wish I’d had a camera with me, because the ones I saw were even more potato-y.

    mongo: Hey, were you at my wedding? Because I’m pretty sure you just recited part of Owen’s vows.

    Rassles: You don’t know me. I totally took my shoes off, because I’m not cleaning that shit up.

    Beej: You have no idea how many times a day I have to explain to my son, yet again, that snow he finds on the back bumper of the van is off-limits.

  7. May I just say, “Ewwww”?

  8. Mashed and gravy? Me too! Must be all the darkness.

  9. derfina: Noted.

    Michael: I know. I bet there’s a restaurant in some little town (Viking, Two Hills) where someone’s grandma makes the best ones ever.

  10. Slushy, slightly tainted snow is Mother Nature’s way of telling you that an overload of caffeine + stomach growling hunger isn’t a good combo.

    I love mashed potatoes. Especially the kiind that’s a little lumpy.

  11. jay: Boy howdy. I don’t even need a meat dish to go with them. Just a big ‘ol plate full of mashed potatoes.

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  13. Just stumbled across your blog a couple days ago and am in the process of reading all your posts in a chronological order 🙂 I absolutely love your writing and sense of humor. I rarely comment on blogs, but I had to ask… is a “metric buttload” the same as a “shit ton” ? (Some of us Americans say that… but I definitely like “metric buttload” as well!)

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