The Tree, She Is Up

We finally put the tree up.  (I say finally, because the boy has been asking since somewhere around the end of August to put it up.)

And I’m extremely happy with it.  Even though it’s artificial, and I miss the pine smell desperately, it’s pretty cool.


The needles look exactly like the ones on the real tree we had last year.  It came out of the box in pretty much the perfect tree shape.  It’s the right height, right width.  There’s even a discreetly hidden notch on every branch, to hold an ornament.

I like it.


What’s that you’re asking?  Why is the top of the tree cut off in this picture?

The tree is not perfect.

At the top is one extremely slender spike.  Our perfectly good, non-religious, only slightly tacky star topper is too big.  And the smart folks bought all the cool tree toppers…well, at the end of August (damn, I need to start listening to that kid!)

So here’s what I found:


Want a closer look at that baby?


Umm, yeah.


It’s just not me.  And I feel like the tree kind of screams for a star, like the tree engineers (?) designed it with one in mind.  But I thought I’d try the angel, seeing as how it’s ass was a fit for the spike.

And the kids loved it.  Shouted “No!” when I suggested I could take it back, keep looking.


I asked number one son if he was sure this angel was what he wanted at the top of the tree.

“I like her.  She looks like she just wants to sit there and let us tell her all our problems.”




The angel stays.

14 responses to “The Tree, She Is Up

  1. Nice. My kids have all kinds of tacky going on in their rooms, cause you know, it’s their space. And though we don’t put stuff on the stainless steel fridge, I’ve got all manner of things growing in dixie cups and half-finished art projects. I like things tidy and every once in awhile(every day) I get the urge to clear it all out and shove it in a box somewhere but I fight the impulse cause my mom was such a perfectionist, none of my stuff every stayed around.

  2. I got bollocked yesterday by my mother-in-law because 1) we don’t have a tree up and 2) in response to the question of when we were putting one up, shrugged my shoulders.

  3. But your angel…she’s so preeettty.


  4. Do you know the story of how the angel got on top of the tree?

    Santa was having one of those days. The reindeer were crapping all over the barn, the elves were threatening to go on strike if their daily rations of egg nog weren’t increased, and Mrs Claus was riding his butt aboutnot getting enough things done around the house before going off Christmas eve. Then an angel came into his workshop, and asked “Santa, Where shall I stick this tree?”

  5. I really like that first picture. 😛 Good looin’ tree.

  6. We had a ‘drunken angel’ for years and years. She would wobble to and fro on top of ANY tree we tried. Sadly, her innards burnt out a few years back and we prepared a resting place for her, but we still drag out her remains every year and “ALL HAIL THE DRUNKEN ANGEL”

  7. Awww. I like the way number one son thinks.
    We’ve put the spike up the ass of a Santa this year. We would listen if he told us all his problems.
    Uh, but not if he bitched about that spike too much.
    Pretty tree Miss Ginny.

  8. I like Curtis’ story 🙂

  9. Purty!

    I need to post a pic of our tree. It’s literally twice my height. Have I mentioned that I am 5’8″ and have gigantic feet and man hands? It’s a big ass tree. So big that we only put ornaments on one side b/c we don’t have enough to cover the whole thing.

  10. Just so I can prove
    I ain’t no frakkin’ slacker
    here’s a haiku. (TREE)

  11. goodbadandugly: Oh man, at first I thought your sreen name WAS your comment on the post! Welcome 🙂

    formerlyfun: It’s absolutely a daily struggle, and it’s good to hear I’m not the only one.

    FreeMan: Mothers-in-law. There ought ot be a relocation program…

    Rassles: Just you wait. One day you’ll have a whole MESS of cheesy little kids. Then, I’LL be the one laughing.

    Curtis: That’s good 🙂

    Peter: Me too. I just squint when I look at the tree now, it helps.

    derfina: I think I want to come to your house for Christmas. I’m gonna get me a boat…

    Mongo: I have a friend who put a cow puppet on top of her family’s tree every year. And the way they speak of it, it’s pretty much a religious artifact. Diff’rent strokes, man, diff’rent strokes.

    nursemyra: Good one, hey?

    Beej: 1. How freakin’ tall are your ceilings? 2. You know, they actually SELL half trees now?

    Rassles: See? Was that so hard?

  12. Wow… there just are no words. hehehe

    I can’t imagine the ugly handmade ornaments my mom had to tolerate. She now has one of those pre-strung designer trees and my only contribution to it is are the ornaments I buy her when I travel.

    And one ceramic ornament I painted as a child hidden somewhere.

  13. Mntnlover: Eash kid has their own tree in their room ( a little 2 footer). THAT was where the cheesiness was supposed to go. They’re crafty little buggers.

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