Not Bad, How Was Yours?

Oh, did I ever have a post ready.


A “woe is me”, “my life is so hard”, “give me all your pity and no one gets hurt” kind of post.


You see, I spent the weekend barfing.  This was the capper to a week when my daughter spent 6 straight days expelling the contents of her stomach on a bi-daily basis.  And my husband spent an entire day on the couch, semi-conscious and delirious.


When it was my turn to be sick, there was no one to help me.  The husband’s day on the couch put him 2 days behind at work.  He’s self employed.  I like to pay my mortgage.  So he HAD to work.


I was really sick.  The low-point came when I had to drag a chair up to the stove, so I could puke into a bucket while cooking lunch for the kids.  (Charming, I know.)


Last night, I went to sleep, and had feverish dreams.


I had one that was so clear and so realistic.


In the dream, one of my kids had cancer.




My weekend wasn’t that bad.


15 responses to “Not Bad, How Was Yours?

  1. “I could puke into a bucket while cooking lunch for the kids.”

    As we say down here about cooking anything, “First you make a roux.”

  2. Once you have kids, you being sick seems to fade into to insignificance in the household. It is like they step over you on their way to the fridge.

  3. What an awful dream. Did you wake up crying? I would have. I’m sorry to hear you are so sick. I’ve just gotten over a cold, but nothing like what you’re going through. Poor baby. Take it easy.

  4. when people ask me “what are you afraid of?” i have one answer – “outliving my children”.

    worst. nightmare. ever.

    hope you’re done puking… gatorade has gotten me through more than one stomach virus…

  5. oh god ginny, you poor thing. hope you get better quick.

  6. Feel better soon. All of you.

  7. Oy vey! Everyone in Blogsville is fighting sick-is it a computer virus? I hope you feel mo’ betterer really soon!

  8. I chose not to blog about The Day The Family Puked. It was Black Friday in more ways than one . . .

    And dreams like that suck ass. When I have those, I just get up and call it a sleep . . .

    Get better, my friend . . .

  9. Hey I remember that Black Friday Tysdaddy speaks of. Seems to me I didn’t move very far away from the bathroom all day! Thank GOD for MIL’s who fed the kiddos or they would have had to survive on animal crackers and cereal.

    HATE those dreams! The kind that make you go and just snuggle up next to said child and vow never to fall asleep again.

  10. Kitty: You are sick and twisted and I heart you.

    aj: Unless they wanted something on a high shelf. Then, I’m a pretty big deal. But yeah, isn’t it a kick in the teeth, the first time you get sick after having kids?

    Peter: I didn’t cry, I was too scared. Just kind of hyperventilated. Much better now, though!’

    daisyfae: Welcome and thank you! I am OK now. I actually went with watered down ginger ale. And yes, that’s as gross as it sounds.

    gina: Done and done. All is well.

    Mongo: 3 out of 4 ain’t bad. And the only one sick now is Ben, who is the best sick person out of us all.

    derfina: It does seem to be going around. Just don’t lick your keyboard, you probably won’t pick it up 😉

    tysdaddy: Yes, a classier blogger WOULD refrain from telling puke stories 😉

    arynsmom: I would have given my left arm for a MIL to come in that day. And I can’t believe it would ever come to that. (And luckily, the child in question had already sneaked into bed with me in the middle of the night, so it worked out well.)

  11. michael.offworld

    There’s much to learn from suffering.

    Still, there’s no one as tough as an ill mom. My wife’s like that too.

    I hope this is your dose of sick for the year.

  12. Nothing like a fever dream to put things in perspective, eh? My partner woke me up the other night telling me that she had a dream in which I died. I shussed her back to sleep without ever finding out if it was a nightmare or a pleasant dream…


  13. Michael: Thanks. (And you’re absolutely right, about the learning thing.)

    cdv: Never aska question you don’t want the answer to.

  14. Yuck, puking is no fun! Hope things are looking up!

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