It’s a Festivus MIRACLE!!!

So we’ve got this laptop.

We all love it.  I blog on it.  Ben plays games on it.  Jane watches YouTube clips on it.

And Owen uses it.  For what, I try not to think about.

But the point is, it is much beloved.

A couple of months ago, it started acting weird.  It couldn’t always find the internet connection.  Then one day, the capacity for wirelessness was gone.  The computer refused to recognize it.  We were grounded.

It’s not under warranty anymore.  And with all the expenses of Christmas coming up (having 3 trees ain’t cheap), the thought of having some laptop pirate take it in and charge an exorbitant repair fee was too much to bear.

Oh sure, we could still use it.  But we had to be stationary.  Owen hooked up a cord to the modem.  It could reach, just barely, to one corner of the couch.

The kids got incredibly good at “jumping the cord”.  They would be running through the living room, and not even hesitate, just make a perfect jump over it.

(If my children become Olympic hurdlers, you know who to give the credit to.)

But then, lo, a miracle was bestowed upon us.

The computer slowed down.  Flashed some cryptic messages.

And the wireless was working again.

Thank you god/Santa/Bill Gates.  It’s a festivus miracle!

(Now, on to the Festivus Feats of Strength, and the Airing of Grievances.  I’ll keep you posted.)

(PLEASE NOTE:  I have no rights to the festivus card.  Found it on another site, which didn’t have any rights to it, either.)


19 responses to “It’s a Festivus MIRACLE!!!

  1. And people say critical messages are a bad thing.

  2. God bless us, everyone!

  3. I love it when you keep us “posted” Mizz Picket! I be watching for it…and your kids in the Olympics in what? 2012? 2016? (unless you’re using those Chinese government age rules…then? They’ve already been and you just forgot to tell us.)

  4. Am I rude or what? Can you tell what blogs I’m reading this morning? Sorry about that Miss GINNY!

  5. At least it works again! My computer started acting funny last August, and it kept running what looked like a Windows anti-virus scanner, which turned out to be a virus in and of itself! (Talea clued me in to the fact that it mentioned its ‘scaning status’ and ‘founded spyware’.) Within a week it was bricked 😦

    $800 later, boo!

    I do not, however, have wireless. I found a router at work but can’t get the damn thing to work because I’m e-clueless. So I have to do wire hops too, and I’m nowhere near as good at them. There have been many spills, and much laughing at my misfortune…

  6. The gods of google have smiled upon thee. Rejoice!

    And happy surfing . . .

  7. I LOVE festivus! It´s the best holiday ever.

  8. We should have a “Praying to Darwin” Feats of Strength, where all of your readers wrestle you to the ground. Verbally. And then we can have an Airing of Grievances, and mine will be: Ginny, it pissed me off when I couldn’t verbally lay the smack down during Feats of Strength.

  9. aj: I will, in the future, respect all critical warnings.

    derfina: Word.

    Maria: Right back at ya!

    Peter: Me too, now.

    Mongo: I’d say “Don’t drink and comment”, but… 😉 (and I’m aiming for 2016. I hope they’re somewhere nice, that year).

    em: That happened to our last desktop. I put the blame squarely on Daddy’s visits to “Romance” sites.

    tysdaddy: I rejoiced all over the place.

    bluestreak: You say that now. But what if they invent “Sassy Ex-Pat Bloggers Day”? You’ll change your tune then, missy.

    Rassles: I was thinking along the lines of leg-wrestling. But your way is good too.

    blink: Are you sure? Because I actually make a pretty mean paella. I had to learn one year at a New Year’s Party, where the hostess got too drunk to cook.

  10. Yay Ginny! This post is in Best of Holidailies!

  11. Thanks Ginny. You’re sweet. I felt like a dork for that. But, as you said, at least not a drunk dork! Thanks!
    Good luck with the ‘Nice in 2016’ plan, eh?

  12. Kitty: Wow, weird, eh?

    mongo: Nice the city, or just a nice place? Either way, Nice would be nice. (This is getting circular.)

  13. The hostess wasn’t the only drunk one. It didn’t last long 🙂

  14. I’m not gonna lie. 4chan/b/ was involved. I are embarassed.

    No wait, not really. 😛

  15. You’re not really embarassed, or 4chan/b/ wasn’t really involved?

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