Molly, The Pink-Haired Anti-Grinch


All I needed was a tree.



A simple, pre-lit, not completely trashy artificial tree.


Two different department stores let me down.


They didn’t just let me down, they dropped me. Hard.


(At one store, the person working in the seasonal department actually ran, so as to avoid helping me.)


But at the third store, the clouds parted, and the angels sang. A tad dramatic? Maybe. But when you’ve been driving around town with a moody 2 year old, pants that are too tight, and a hankerin’ (yeah, that’s for you Mongo!) for a diet Coke that won’t present itself, getting good service can make you think you’ve seen god.


I wanted to report this good service. I asked the cashier where I might find a manager. She snapped her gum, told me to get in line at customer service, fill out a form. I looked at the line-up, 7 deep, of surly shoppers with returns. I looked at my brand new tree, precariously perched in a cart about a third too small to hold it. And I looked down at the little pink toddler, lip giving a warning quiver, as she revved up for a road trip to Tantrum Town.


I wasn’t going to line up.


The store’s website has nothing for me. Calls to the store were lost in a medieval labyrinth of a switchboard. So I’ll just have to do it here.


Molly, you’re awesome. You came over within seconds, asked what you could do for me. My daughter was in awe of the pink and purple streaks in your blonde hair. You followed me while I ran laps of the tree display, wishing and washing. You crawled under plastic branches to plug in each tree. You answered questions from 3 customers at the same time, and managed to make each person feel like you totally understood what they needed, and then actually got them what they wanted. You even politely brushed off a co-worker who told you he was going on a coffee run (until I intervened. My god, woman, Tim Horton’s runs are your constitutional right!), so as to keep serving me. Then you charmed my daughter while I completed the transaction. You even sold me 2 small trees I had no intention of buying, because you were just that good. 


So if you’re at the Canadian Tire on Kingsway Avenue this festive season, stop by the Christmas section. Say Hi to Molly. Tell her that you read about her awesomeness. Her store may have no set up for kudos. But that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t get them.


14 responses to “Molly, The Pink-Haired Anti-Grinch

  1. Ignore this comment. Love you.

  2. Ok (I was making a screencast video and was using your blog as an example – you’ll have to check my latest post to see WTF I’m talking about *lol* but the screencast went awry and I had to use another).

    Now, a real comment:
    Molly made it all worth it, man. And I’m so sorry someone ran from you. 😛

  3. I’ve got a hankerin’ for Molly everywhere I go when I finally realize I’m supposed to be shopping.
    And that Diet Coke hankerin’? Just came in from the barn and realized I left my DC out there. Damnit if I’m going back out in the cold to get it!

  4. The world needs more Mollies. 🙂 I’m so happy to hear the clouds parted for you. Can’t be easy with a temperamental critter in tow. 😉 Will there be pics of your new found tree in all its Christmas glory? 😀

  5. You should put a pink and purple streak on that tree. In honor of Molly.

  6. but does she deliver to australia?

  7. Man, that’s a rare treat! I think you should also thank Molly’s mother, whom I am positively sure must have raised her right!

    Please post a picture when said tree is up and runnin.

  8. Way to hand out the kudos, karmarific. I am one of the first to bitch when service/product is shit because 1-it’s my money 2-not complaining about bad service encourages complacency. Still, I also feel the need to lavish the praise when it’s deserved. As a business owner, when I’ve heard that something fell short, I double my efforts to make things better, and when I hear praise about one of my employees, I reward them(a day off, some spa product,a free service).

    So now you have three trees??

  9. Maria: I love you too. And I’m SO used to people running away from me.

    Mongo: I wish you a Molly of your own. And Diet Coke in every room and stable.

    Peter: You better believe there’ll be pics. I’m blogging every day for 31 days – there’s gonna pics of things you couldn’t care less about, because I’ve got space to fill.

    Max: I sincerely hope she has sisters and cousins all over North America, waiting to make all our Christmas shopping experiences better.

    Kitty: I’m on it. Maybe I’ll cut the tail off one of J’s My Little Ponies.

    Nursemyra: She’s so nice, she just might.

    Writinggb: Let’s not give all the credit to Molly’s mom. Because using that logic, you could fault a mom whose son sends threatening notes to foster children… 😉

    formerlyfun: My last job was at the Better Business Bureau. In the Complaints Department. Damn right I try to lavish the praise. And congrats on being the only one to pick up on the fact that we do, indeed, have 3 freakin’ Christmas trees. To be fair, the other 2 are 2 feet tall, and were on wicked sale. The kids have them in their rooms, and they are decorated tackily.

  10. Molly should get her own bumper sticker.

  11. It’s the little things that make the holiday season tolerable, isn’t it?

  12. It’s scaring me how much I love Canadian Tire more and more every time I go in. There’s a fairly new one right at Dundas Square here in T.O. which is as big-and-bright-and-noisy-downtown as you can pretty much get and I LOOOOOOVE that there’s one RIGHT THERE and I can go get garden gnomes and weed wackers and other things that I am years away from actually requiring. They even have little doohickeys at the escalators to bring your cart down for you! When did I turn into a grown up???

    Anyways, go Molly. Now I’ve got a hankerin’ for some kind of efficient storage system.

  13. aj: We could start a whole Molly movement. We’ll start with cryptic bumper stickers :”The world needs more Mollys”, and we’ll go from there.

    Free Man: Boy howdy.

    Em: I’ve seen pictures of the outlet of which you speak. It looks awesome. And I will visit TO for the express purpose of seeing that escalator.

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