Every. Damn. Day.

I’m doing Holidailies.


What does that mean for you?


Well, we’re going to be seeing a lot of each other.  I’ve promised to post every day.  Minimum of 50 words.  Or a really great picture.


I’m not used to this kind of break-neck pace. 


To put us all in the Christmas spirit, I present, the best damn Christmas song of all time, “Fairytale of New York” by The Pogues.  Enjoy!



12 responses to “Every. Damn. Day.

  1. So this ends on my birthday, yo. Hook me up.

  2. gotta love the pogues

  3. Rassles, your birthday is January 6th? That’s my birthday too.

    Glad you are doing Holidailies, Ginny.

  4. 1) I can’t stand Christmas music and truly enjoyed that song. So, thanks.
    2) I could never make a commitment to post daily. Because I have a bad mind and would feel like someone was telling me what to do and would be all rebellious and everything and refuse to do it. So, I admire your good mind.

  5. This one, Joni Mitchell’s “River” and the Linus and Lucy song from Charlie Brown’s Christmas are my three favorites. Oh, and The Decemberists’ cover of “Please Daddy Don’t Get Drunk This Christmas” is pretty damn good as well.

  6. That song speaks into my very soul…. I look forward to your posting every day. It’s exciting to me. I’m not even going to tell you how exciting lest you think I’m hitting on you.

  7. Rass: Did you sign up? (F?YI, your birthday is exactly one month before mine.)

    Nursemyra: Yup. I do.

    Kitty: Thanks. I loved it when you did it last year; like I said, it was like my own personal advent calendar.

    mongoliangirl: Good mind? Oh darling, you and my therapist have so much to talk about.

    mkhblink: Perhaps THIS is how I will retain some sanity this year.

    Free Man: Hard to believe Shane McGowan is still alive, isn’t it? (I actually had to google him while I was writing this comment, to make sure he hadn’t died recently).

    Sulya: I can promise quantity, but not quality. It is what it is.

  8. Yeah, I totally ended up doing it. I’m a sucker.

  9. You know that feeling you get when you rock back in a chair and you’re about fall over?

    I have that right now because if Holidailies doesn’t turn out to be a hella lot o fun for a hella lot o people, there will be an angry blog mob after me.

    Which would be so fun to write about.

  10. Just finished catching up and too lazy to write a comment on each post (yes, I admit it), but wanted to say I loved them all.

    And ‘Fairytale of New York’ IS the best friggin’ holiday song ever!

  11. Thanks, Drea! I’ve ended up really enjoying the experience; HAVING to write has turned into wanting to write. (And any Christmas song that can work the word “slut” in is pretty OK, in my books).

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