Je t’aime tellement dur, Montreal.

I’m back.


I can barely open my eyes.  I’m pretty sure I have vertigo (I’ll google the symptoms later; I’m too dizzy right now). 


Five days of non-stop drinking.  My liver feels like the Smurf’s Olympic Trampoline squad used it for their nefarious little practice sessions.  Five days of non-stop eating.  I was a set of teeth and a stomach, throwing out rules, eating fucking prime rib for lunch if I felt like it.  Five days of not quite being able to process the beauty and grandeur that is Montreal.


I went here:


I didn’t get to go in here:

(photo by foxtongue)


And in the middle of it all, I managed to go to this:

(Anyone who tells you Olympic Stadium in Montreal is an indoor venue is a dirty, dirty liar.  And I have the windburn to prove it.)


The trip was amazing and tiring and exquisite.  Specifics will follow in the days to come.


But right now, let’s talk about Rassles.


How AMAZING was that girl?!?!  I was on vacation, but I still needed to check back, just to see what the hell she came up with.  I love her.  I think I might be IN love with her.  Thanks is too small a word, but it’s all I’ve got.  (Seriously. The lobe of my brain responsible for my vocabulary was lost in a vodka-related incident.  Sad, really.)


More on Montreal to come, I promise.  Until then, go read Rassles.  She deserves it.


14 responses to “Je t’aime tellement dur, Montreal.

  1. rassles is a trooper man.

    can´t wait to hear more on Montreal.

  2. Welcome back. Yes, Rassles did a real fine job. Nice choice. 😉

  3. Welcome back Ginny! Rassles does deserve it. (Don’t tell her I said that.) And so do you. (You? I trust you with that kind of information.) Good luck getting that lobe back in order.

  4. Gee wilikers, Ginny, I had fun. Thanks for letting me ruin things.

  5. Rassles is completely nuts. I loved her. Welcome back!

  6. Prime rib is a breakfast food. how could you possibly eat ribs for lunch?

  7. I am just waiting for your vision to clear enough to see the new header. That cracks me up.

  8. Glad you had fun, and DUUUUH you have to do nothing but eat and drink when you’re on vacation. Tell us how it went when the spinning stops!

    Oh, and I would have stood outside the Super Sexe and danced regardless of whether or not they let me in. Just for kicks, you know. With an iPod, so nobody else could tell what I was listening to.

  9. Hey, Ginny! Welcome back. Get some sleep and drink plenty of water!

  10. Bluestreak: She most certainly is!
    (so, how long did it take you to change your passwords?)

    Peter: Glad you liked her, glad to be back.

    Mongoliangirl: The lobe is starting to limber up. I have high hopes.

    Rassles: Did you mean “run”, not “ruin”? Pesky extra “i”‘s.

    Maria: Thanks 🙂

    Nursemyra: Time meant nothing where food was concerned. Well, not nothing. I’m pretty sure the hotel’s concierge knew EXACTLY what time it was when we called him to find us a pizza in the middle of the night.

    Max: Isn’t it wonderful? It makes me feel kind of Christmas-y.

    Emerald: I’m stopping to pick you up next time I go to Montreal. We will head directly for Super Sexe. You’ll do your thing. I’ll pretend I don’t know you. It’ll be great.

    Writinggb: I’m trying. 🙂

  11. Bienvenue en arrière, Ginny !

    Damn glad nothing fell off the stadium while you were there.
    Hope you and hubby got into just enough trouble/fun that you remember it but can still go back without immediate arrest.

  12. I can’t remember the last time I took a vacation where all I did was eat and drink. Maybe I’m due . . . Can I come with you guys next time? I’ll be good, I promise . . . I’ll even drive . . . Please?

  13. mysterioso: Merci. And trust me, I kept my eye on the sky while I was in that stadium.

    mkhblink: OK, maybe some beer too. It’s hard to know, really.

    tysdaddy: Yup, meet us there. I’ll be standing in front of Super Sexe, pretending not to know Emerald.

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