I Wonder…

…if Ginny would care that I changed her header.

Sure, I’m no web design master, but this rules.  We’ve got a hungry dinosaur decal, my old roommate riding a Jesus Horse from our trip to the Creation Museum last year, a very hungry caterpiller, and me trying to make out with Alexander Hamilton.

I win.

Addendum, twenty minutes later:

Forget that.  I made a better header.  Of me. Playing Urban Golf.  Dressed like a cowgirl.  At the Barack Obama rally.  Hammered and about to fall.  Loving Alexander Hamilton. With my Jukebox Hero birthday cake.  Riding that pony.

19 responses to “I Wonder…

  1. Oh. And I am hammered in every single one of those pictures.

  2. OK. That is so wrong it’s right.
    ha ha ha ha ha
    Now, just give me the password to your blog and I promise I won’t change the header.

  3. That’s hilarious.

  4. BTW…top right corner behind your head? Mouth wide open? Eyes fully crossed? Have we hung out before and I just didn’t know it?

  5. awwww, rassles. drunk rassles. Now I´m second guessing letting you log into my blog. Not really.

  6. Maria: Good. Because me likey too.

    Mongo: I don’t trust you any more than my sister, and I don’t fucking trust her at all. Oh, and that’s Ammo. Oddly enough, that is the only picture of her where she isn’t, arguably, the most beautiful woman in the world. She’s a model. The worst kind, too, because she just naturally looks like a Disney princess.

    Kitty: That’s because I’m hilarious. Sometimes. Maybe.

    Blues: You can’t wait. (This is going to be a lot of work.)


    If I know Ginny, she’s going to print that out and put in in a special panoramic frame. Seriously, how could Ginny not love it?

  8. Ok, it may be the brain damage from 3 straight days of alcohol consumption (I wish I was kidding. My body hates me so much. So does the sister I have drunk dialled every night) but you, Rassles, are so mother loving funny and darling! I’m going right back out to buy you a better souveneir. I. Heart. That Header!

  9. That is fantastic. And also the reason I hate the facebook, because since I never take pictures of me, the only pictures of me are ones people take at parties, where I am invariably Drunk To Hell.

    It’s not a problem in isolation, but once you get like 40 straight pictures of you drunk, you look like you’ve got a very big problem.

  10. Also:


    That was the moment even my whole life changed.

  11. Fun blog sittah. Had to add her to the feed. (definitely funny, Rassles)

    Welcome home, Ginny. Drink lotsawatah. Cures everything.

  12. Oh, not home yet, Kitty. Just checking in from a hotel, hoping strangers aren’t reading this shit over my shoulder.

  13. Mount: Perhaps I could mail out signed copies to anyone who leaves me a comment about how frickin’ gorgeous I am.

    Ginny: Yeah buddy. And if anyone is reading over your shoulder, they’re thinking, “Who is that glorious creature? I should find her and put her in movies. For some reason, I see her opposite a humorously short Japanese fellow…”

    Pistols: Well, then you know, you gotta keep on rockin’. You just can’t stop. Gotta keep on ROCK-IN–that boy has got to stay on top. (That’s what she said. OHHH, pun it up.)

    Kitty: Thanks, my friend. I dig you too.

  14. Rassles…how could you say that? I’ve offered to let you run around in my front yard with a chain saw and you won’t let me have the password to your blog? Is it because I said I would take the chain off and hope you didn’t notice?

  15. I am going to cut and paste that header and put it on my blog.



  16. ”Praying to Rassles”

  17. Mongo: You know if you give me a chain saw, I would probably try to turn it into something else. Something better, stronger, faster. Like…me.


    Blink: It helps if you look at it upside down.

    Elizabeth: New religion, poss?


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