All Day Sucker

“So” is probably my favorite word to use, specifically to begin a sentence. Connotations are like crack, and “so” is the quickest way to make a point, whether it’s worthless or not. So, predictably, I’ll start there.

Ginny is easily, like, one of my top six favorite people of all time. So when she asked if I would play on her blog, I was all kinds of elated. This is one of those blogs that I check all day long, just to see how people respond.

“Promise to behave. If I get back and my site is a hardcore Japanese dwarf porn site…well, I’ll probably have a ton of hits, so go ahead.”

I really don’t understand why she’s going around putting ideas into my head. I’ll be googling Japanese dwarf porn all week now. Apparently, I’m an all day sucker for peer pressure.

But for now, I’m going to give you, in honor of one of my top six favorite people, my top six favorite Ginny blogs. Because sometimes I make lists. Which is the title of my blog, and I refuse to link it, because that would seem like self-promotion, and this is all about Ginny.

Okay. No particular order.

The Bad Stranger
Karma, Parts I and II
Spring = Wierd
Taking Care
Stop Reading NOW If You Are Offended By the Word “Vagina”
The whole month of August.
What’s This Then?
Why You Are NOT as Awesome as Bruce Dickinson

Okay, fine. We have surpassed the established amount. Rules don’t really apply to me, anyway. Not when I wrote them. I’m like Dick Cheney. But how can one really limit the wonder of Praying to Darwin to mere numbers? Sometimes I get carried away.


15 responses to “All Day Sucker

  1. I LOVED the Dickinson post. Still do, I guess. Thanks for the flashback . . .

    I think we should totally hijack this blog and do some weird shit with it . . . weirder than normal, I mean . . .

    Have fun, my friend.

  2. I might redecorate. Give her a new “About Me.”

    No matter what though, and this I vow, by the end of this week there will be Japanese dwarf porn on here. Somewhere.

  3. Giving back to the community. I like it. 😉 Ginny’s one of my faves too. Japanese dwarf porn? I’m game. 😛

  4. Woohoo! I’ll keep my arms and legs in the blog at all times.

  5. I LOVE the Bruce Dickinson post! Thanks for the reminder! Awesome.
    About the Japanese dwarf porn? I suspect she’s already screwed. And racking up all kinds of hits too.

  6. Rassles,

    I just noticed that earlier this summer you left a comment about the review of my blog on AAYSR.

    A religion minor, eh? I just added a Religious Studies minor to my Philosophy major. Fun!

    And I did opt for keep religion and faith separate . . .

    I knew your name was familiar . . .

  7. I was trying to think of what could be smaller than a Japanese dwarf package, and couldn’t.

    Then I looked down.

  8. PaD: Never look down 😦

  9. So is one of my favorite words too.

    Nice to meet you Rassles.

  10. Spidey: You’ve gotta help.

    Kitty: Good, because I’m not known for smoothness.

    Blink: Never underestimate the power of overlisting.

    Mongo: Not until the pictures are up.

    Tys: Yeah, it was a complete accident. I’m obsessed with religion and the concept of belief…it’s a thing. I ended up a communications major with minors in religion, anthropology, and biology. All three were coincidental.

    Pistols: Still, after that vicious strain of the herp you got going on enflamed it a little?

    Myra: You tell him.

    Max: Nice to meet you, as well. This is fun.

    (Sidenote: This is like, alternate universe weird, because I feel like I should try to be Ginny. Gahh.)

  11. And…so…where is the…you know…um…japanese stuff? lol

  12. Awesome. Place still looks decent around here. I thought you´d at least make the darwin fishes hump eachother by the time Ginny got back.

  13. Rassles, I have my undergraduate degree in Religious Studies. I don´t know what I was thinking. Honestly.

  14. Mysterioso: I have to ease you guys into it, you know?

    And Blues, wasn’t religion fascinating? Didn’t you love just learning the mindset of others, the morals involved, the rules they choose to follow? The concept of religion shapes the world more directly than anything other factor, because it effects every single person ALL THE TIME. Any person who is self-aware can ignore politics and news and history and science, but they can’t ignore their own doubts and beliefs. Religion dictates life, whether you have faith or not. And personally, I don’t.

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