Wherein I Find A Hole In The Silver Lining

Congratulations, Mr. Obama! 

I’m more than a little excited about this guy.  I feel like he is going to be a grown-up, unlike his opponents (I’m painting Hilary AND McCain with that brush), or his predecessors in the Oval Office.  While I am not American, I’m also not naive enough to believe that his election doesn’t affect me.  But my Canadian citizenship isn’t keeping me from being a little giddy.


But then…


I think about those left behind.


John McCain?  He’s gonna be just fine. 

By tomorrow, he’ll be back in his golf cart, tooling around Arizona, convincing Cindy that dinner at 4:00 is a good idea.

Or maybe he’ll finally lose his shit altogether, indulge in his lifelong dream of going to sea on a pirate ship:

No matter what, he’s gonna be alright.


But we’re still left with a bigger problem.  It’s kind of like when my brother comes to visit; he’s not here long, I make fun of him, and his piece of shit truck (sorry man, truth hurts) leaves behind an oil stain on our driveway, so we can’t ever forget him. 


I have a feeling this is going to be the same.


Some believe Sarah will become a major new force in the Republican Party


But I don’t see it.


Nope, I’m thinking Sarah’s headed straight for your living room.

Maybe a spot on Fox News.

Maybe a sitcom – “My Favorite Maverick.”

Most likely?  A reality show on TLC. 



“Watch Sarah raise her buttload of kids with wacky names!  She’ll marry her daughter off, shotgun-style, and use that same shotgun to bring home a big ‘ol moose!  She’ll tour America’s schools, trying to dispel the myth of those silly ‘dinosaurs’!  You never know WHAT that wacky Sarah will do next!”


No, we’re not done with her.  Not by a long shot.


24 responses to “Wherein I Find A Hole In The Silver Lining

  1. oh no… not a reality tv show…. puleeeeze

  2. Another hole in the silver lining is the”defense of marriage” ballot measures that passed in Florida, Arizona and California and even worse the ballot measure banning gay adoption in Arkansas. There is still a lot of work to do.

  3. Oh man, I really hope you’re wrong!! Go back to your igloo Mrs. Palin…

  4. Damn Ginny! What are you trying to do? Make me throw up in my own mouth! Not nice. Not nice at all.

  5. No more reality tv, please, oh , please. I’m begging.

  6. Oh you are soooo spot on about Sarah and the future reality show. Nice Call!

  7. Hopefully that was her fifteen minutes and she will take her fancy new wardrobe and fade away.

  8. I would LOVE it if she had her own reality show. Kidding me? Dog the Bounty Hunter? Hogan knows best? It’s the best way to keep us infuriated.

  9. LOL, Palin on Fox. I can totally see that.

  10. Nursemyra: You know you want it.

    Free Man: It was like getting crowned Miss America, and getting handed a bouquet of shit flowers. Those measures are disheartening, disturbing, and need to be overturned.

    Katie: Nope. Too late. Can’t unring that bell.

    Mongoliangirl: Better than throwing up in someone else’s mouth?

    Captain Steve: Don’t beg, darling. It’s not becoming. (Plus, I don’t think it will help.)

    vinomom: I truly hope I’m not right. But damn, I really love being right. What a conundrum.

    mkhblink: If they can show “Rock of Love”, a little moose skinning is practically children’s programming.

    max: But those little high heels are so impractical on the tundra. She has no choice but to stay in the lower 48, now.

    Rassles: Oh shit! She should TOTALLY team UP with Dog! You couldn’t crowbar me away from the TV!

    Kitty: I’d start watching Fox. But then, I like a train wreck.

  11. That’s what I’m saying, man. TELEVISION GOLD.

  12. See, I would much rather he be on TV than trying to make it in federal politics. We’d all laugh at her and her family and see her as the cosmic fool and hopefully, we’ll be sick of her in a couple of yers. Of course she could levy her fantastic TV career into federal politics and then we’re screwed. Damn it. I’ve got go puke.

  13. I think Sarah is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma wearing fuzzy bunny slippers.
    There. I’ve said it. *huge sigh*
    I suspect Ms. Palin would like to keep a very low profile right now because she has alienated/angered/disgusted many Alaskan Republicans.
    Her only hope for “fame” may be, as you suggest, entertainment tv *shudder*

  14. By the way, I was one of those Canadians who was overjoyed by Barack Obama’s victory.
    Let us hope that the United States of America is finally mature enough to accept it.

  15. Sarah thinks Africa is a country… that is so hot. My turn-ons? Sunsets, long walks on the beach and women with a second-grade education.

    Sandy Tohz

  16. I love your mind.

    That’s all.

    Miss–sitting on the Amish Freeway waiting for the shot gun wedding

  17. Rassles: Stick with me, kid. We’ll have a development deal with Fox, and all the PBR you can drink!

    faemom: It is, indeed, a most vicious circle.

    mysterioso: Maybe if our own politics was more interesting, we wouldn’t care. (Ever since Ralph Klein finished here in Alberta, there’s been nothing interesting. No more late night, drunken visits to homeless shelters to tell those bums to “get a job”. God, I miss that guy.)

    Mark: I hope you and Sarah are very happy together. But remember, you’d be inheriting a butt load of equally wacky stepkids.

    Miss: Why thank you!

  18. Never even thought of Palin on t.v. She should totally go on FOX, yes, then I don’t have to watch her anymore!

  19. I watch FOX when I need a laugh. My dad used to get an ultra-right-wing, neo-conservative, fundamentalist-christian magazine. I asked him once why we subscribed to that shit. “To see what the enemy’s up to.” Same thing with FOX news.

  20. That’s a good point and all…but Fox actually makes me want to throw up. I haven’t been able to laugh, despite how truly ridiculous it is. I gotta loosen up! Just hits too close to home, I guess. People really believe that crap.

  21. I’m changing my name to ‘Zamboni’ in honour of Palin.

  22. I would pay you $10 to actually do it, Drea. TEN. DOLLARS. Mull it over…

  23. Ginny, please have a look at my updated blog header.

    I’ll assume you know who to make out the cheque to.

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