Make Mine Chocolate Chunk! (Oh, Maybe Not…)


We’re leaving school yesterday. It’s early dismissal day. The day before Halloween. The air is charged, the kids are electrified. We get to the crosswalk, and the kids in orange vests are holding the crowd back. A van approaches.


This van is pink. There is cartoon lettering on the side. You can see the kids’ heads turn. A collective intake of breath. Delighted confusion. Then, the shouts start.


“Ice cream truck! Ice cream truck!”


None of them can comprehend why an ice cream truck would be driving around at the end of October. It’s like seeing Santa in August. It’s wrong, but you’re still pretty happy to see Santa, no matter what time of the year it is. Same too, for an ice cream truck.


They jump up and down. They cheer. They frantically wave the driver down. He looks confused.


He does not slow down.


As he drives by, I can finally make out the words on the side of the truck:




The kids glare at me, as tears run down my face, and the I scream with laughter.


Photo by thbl.

18 responses to “Make Mine Chocolate Chunk! (Oh, Maybe Not…)

  1. I would love to have seen those kids’ faces. LOL.

  2. *snort* As we say down here, bless their little hearts!

  3. Bwahahaha! My kids would not have found my humor in the situation either.

  4. As funny as I find that, I’m more curious as to what service they provide?

    Drive around the neighbourhood looking for bums to wipe?

  5. of course they glared at you. it was all your fault, right?

  6. What a massive let down.

    Want ice cream? Yes?


  7. That was great. Of course, it was a horrible choice of van and color, which makes me think it HAS to happen to other kids and parents.

  8. LOVE this! (Less the kids’ reactions, though, and more YOUR reaction to the kids’ reactions.)

  9. BAAAAHHAAAahahahaa!!!! I just re-read the title! BBAAAHAHAAHHHAaaahahaaa~

  10. How about some chocolate Diapers??

    I don’t know about you, but Halloween here in MD was around 65 degrees! An ice cream man would be believable!

  11. They have to learn disappointment sometime right?

  12. Kitty: I have GOT to get a cell phone with a camera, because it was too good!

    Derfina: Yes, it was a very snort-worthy moment.

    Sue: Not many would.

    Xbox: If only! They bring clean diapers, you give them your little cherub’s weekly output. They pretend like they’re not disgusted, you pay them well.

    Nursemyra: As the only available adult, I had to take the heat.

    Cardiogirl: Psyche, indeed.

    faemom: I know! The van should have to be appropriately colored…maybe something in a mustard…

    Drea: Thank you for appreciating the title. I work so hard (sniff, sniff).

    vinomom: We’ve been wearing winter jackets for about a month, so an ice cream truck is DEFINITELY out of place right here, right now!

    Florida Girl: Yup! They need to be ready for the Great Disappointment That Is Junior High.

  13. LOVE IT. How much do I want to deck out a van and go cruising around the neighbourhood making kids run for no reason?


    America’s cure for obesity!

    Holy fuck I’m a genius, somebody write this down!

  14. My first thought, before seeing the picture? Some shuttle service for the local titty bar. Me and my filthy mind . . .

  15. Emerald: You ARE a genius!

    Tysdaddy: You DO have a filthy mind!

  16. Oh my! I laughed a bit to har of this post:p hihi!
    If something like that had happend to me when I was a kid I would have cryed:p An icecream car turning out to be a diaper car, such a disapoinment!!

    but, I must ask… Why is there a diaper car driving around? This is to funny:P

  17. Thanks, Sandra! (And the diaper truck was droping off clean diapers, in exchange for dirty ones. Kind of a one-sided system, when you think about it.)

  18. Diaper services still exist??? Wow.

    Funny story. It does look like an ice cream truck.

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