It’s Friday, and If I Had An Office Job, I’d Be Doing That Half-Assed Too


Memes get a bum rap. But I got tagged, and dammit, I’m polite.


19thmayflower gave the blog world her Six Things, and now here’s mine.


Complain about memes all you want, but there’s a real good chance I would have just posted more crap about me, anyways. So there.


Six Things You May Not Know About Me:


1.  I’ve discussed my celebrity crushes, as humiliating as they were. But I also fantasize about celebrities who NEED to be my best friends. Previously, it was Carson Kressly.

We’d pick out shoes, he’d tell me how to wear my hair, then we’d sit and drink over-priced coffee drinks, snarkily criticizing the fashion choices of passers-by.

Now, it’s Amy Poehler.

We’ll both have the mom thing going on, as soon as she pops her kid out. And she’d make me laugh til I peed, but she wouldn’t make fun of my incontinence. That’s how we’d roll.


2.  I am hella sick of predicting all the twists in a TV show within the first 5 minutes. What’s up, TV writers? The strike was hard on all of us. But if this is your passive-aggressive way of working out your frustrations, putting out product that mocks my intelligence, then I call shenanigans. Shenanigans!


3.  I think white jeans are just wrong. There’s no need for them. And whether you know it/want to admit it, they probably aren’t very flattering on you.

The ONLY acceptable circumstance for wearing white jeans is when your period is a couple of days late, and you’re willing it to get here. Then, carry on, sistah.


4.  I totally jinxed myself with the guest post I did for The Cheek of God. Since I wrote that, I’ve been through a bajillion boxes of Kleenex, I’ve been so sick. Also, my eyes are starting to go to hell again. I got cocky. Lesson learned.


5.  I’m contemplating bangs. I hate growing them out. But then I saw this picture of myself.

I could get a weekend gig showing IMAX films on that forehead. Measures must be taken.



6.  The falling price of gas excites me in a way that is nearly sexual. When I filled up my mini-van for just over $50 the other day? I think I saw God.


That is all. No one else will be officially tagged. But please, feel free. I find you all excruciatingly interesting. And you never tell me anything.


Have a lovely weekend, kids.


20 responses to “It’s Friday, and If I Had An Office Job, I’d Be Doing That Half-Assed Too

  1. love the only valid reason for wearing white jeans…

    great pic of you. I’ve got the high forehead thing going on too. it just means we’re brainy sista!

  2. What forehead?

    Bangs are making a big comeback. I just hope they don’t go all crazy like in the 90s.

    I can’t really wear them. Not well at least. Side bangs I have. I’ve got a hairstyle controlling cowlick right there and have to do what that thing says.

  3. hey ginny, thanx for doing the meme!!!! very interesting, especially the one about your entry for The Cheek of God. gave me goosebumps!!

  4. Ok, I might … MIGHT be able to get past the white jeans … but WTF is up with the BLUE SHOES?!?!?!

  5. I LOVE THOSE JEANS. I would never wear them. But I would so enjoy the opportunity to laugh my ass off at someone who was wearing them. I also enjoy the falling price of gas, even though I don’t drive. It means everything else is going to start getting a little more reasonably priced. Like my nine dollar coffees…or whatever.

  6. Dude, TV twists? I literally growl at the television when they do that shit. I’m all sitting there going, “Grrrrrr.”

    I write waayyy better material.

    The worst is when a commercial comes on that says, all gruffy and mysterious, “And you won’t believe the twist.” Fucking telling me there’s a twist completely negates the effect of the twist, dickwad. Like, “And you won’t believe who dies,” and then they flash the face of the character they’re killing off. IF YOU TELL US SOMEONE IS GOING TO DIE, YOU ARE DILUTING THE SHOCK VALUE THAT MAKES US WATCH IN THE FIRST PLACE.


  7. Awesome post. I so love getting to see a picture of a fave blogger.

    White jeans are sick. And when I see someone that can actually pull it off I just want to kill them.

    I have love-hate with bangs. I hate my forehead, but then I get bangs and then they bug the shit out of me and I just want them grown out. And round and round we go.

  8. I love my bangs. I fully support the bang movement. Go with it.

    White jeans are the worst fashion invention ever and are really just your way of begging to get your period. I could totally see rocking them if you’re having a pregnancy scare. Guaranteed time of the month.

  9. I hate memes. But you did well. 🙂

    I never thought how unflattering white jeans are until seeing that picture. Now I am very thankful that I don’t have any.

  10. Get the bangs. You think your forehead is big? Oy, clearly, you’ve not seen mine.
    I got bangs and instantly, my hotness ratings shot through the roof, and my fivehead really became a forehead for the first time in my life.

  11. Hmmm.
    White jeans …and hip huggers on an especially plump girl whose “baby fat” squeezes out over the waistband (and of course, complete with the thong underwear for all to see) *shudder*.
    TV writers seem bent on proving that they are not, in fact, worthy of really big money.

  12. You are so hot! HAWT.

    Did you try one of those sites where they take your gorgeous faces and pin all the different hair does and don’ts on you?

  13. Myra: Brainy. Mm hmm. All I know is that I look ridiculous in hats. Whatever.

    Kitty: Have to do what it says? What kinds of things does it tell you to do? “Seriously, your honor. I didn’t WANT to deface that McCain campaign sign. My cowlick told me to do it!”

    19thmayflower: You’re welcome 🙂

    Kim: Those blue shoes would have rocked my world. In grade 8. I would have had eyeliner to match, too.

    Emerald: If I’m paying 9 bucks for coffee, there better be a shot in it.

    Rassles: The 5 year old has started predicting twists. Of course, Scooby Doo doesn’t really stray from “Inciting incident, monster in costume, chase scene, solve the crime, you meddling kids.” But I’m proud, nonetheless.

    Bluestreak: I, too, am not so secretly jealous of the chicks who can pull it off. But they are pretty, well, extremely, few and far between. I think there’s maybe 4 of them in Canada.

    Captain Steve: It never, ever failed.

    Lara: Thank you for overcoming your hatred 🙂

    Talea: I got the bangs. I don’t think I got hotter. But I got 6 inches cut off, got bangs, and got it dyed brown. Jury’s still out.

    Mysterioso: Yup. I’m down to an all time low number of shows I watch. Like, under 10. Which is a pretty dramatic decrease.

    Hendergurlie: ::blush::
    Yes, that would have been a good idea. Instead, I just sat down and said, “Whatever.”

  14. You’re making me miss my 80’s two foot tall smackdown of bangs. There was so much hairspray in that shit someone could have parked a semi tractor trailer on them an I would not have noticed.
    And yes, I almost (almost) gave myself bangs last week. There is nothing worse than when I give myself bangs. I avoided. Just barely.

  15. I totally fantasize about celeb friends! I love Carson Kressly. And I totally agree with you on the falling price of gas. I feel another fantasy coming on.

  16. mongoliangirl: Two foot bangs, sure, but did you have the cum-catchers on the sides, too? I used to fry them into place with my curling iron. Nothing like the smell of sizzling hairspray in the morning.

    faemom: My husband is starting to question why I need to fill up the car twice a day. I tell him to mind his own damn business.

  17. “cum-catchers”? I’m sure that never happened…in the eighties. All those other girls probably had their periods.

    So, does the “whatever” mean you now have lovely bangs? Is this the flimsy excuse I need to use next weekend to come up and visit? It’s been awhile since I’ve seen you in bangs.

  18. Sometimes, I think maybe you know too much…

    I did, indeed, get the bangs. And it’s brown and about chin length. TOTALLY messed up the kids when I came home.
    (And you can definitely come on up next weekend. Like I had plans, or something. That’s NEVER gonna happen.)

  19. I once owned a pair of white jeans. Only once, and I didn’t wear them many more times than that. 😐 IMAX? Puh-leeze! The first thing you’d see is the informative message:

    “This film has been formatted to fit your forehead”. 😛

    That’s a perfectly fine forehead, but I’m ok with bangs too. I’m sure you’ll do what’s best for Ginny. 😉

    Awesome job on this meme. 🙂

  20. Man, I forgot all about the formatting! Oh well, got the bangs anyway.

    (I think you could do some lovely things with a meme like this, BTW…)

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