Watch Your Ass, Samberg

Saturday Night Live has been around longer than me.  The quality waxes and wanes.  But I’ve watched, faithfully, since I learned of its existence (I think I was 12).  I tune in because sometimes it can be pee your pants funny.  Sometimes it’s so painful, it’s unintentionally funny.  Mostly, though, I watched because I had no plans on a Saturday night.


A couple of weeks ago, they did a sketch about Mark Wahlberg, touching on his lack of anger management.  It was mildly amusing, pretty unremarkable  got MUCH funnier with repeated viewings.  But Mr. Wahlberg must be a little desperate where publicity is concerned, because he’s milking it for all it’s worth/pretty upset.  


Here he is, talking to Kimmel about it last night:



I want to believe he’s in on the joke:  That Mark realizes the douchiest thing to do when people make fun of your temper is to lose it, publicly.  I really, really want to believe that.

But I think we know now why his brother ditched him,

forcing him to create his own family, in the form of a Funky Bunch.

(P.S.  Did anyone else feel uncomfortable with Wahlberg’s repeated references to Andy Samberg’s “big nose”?  Because Marky Mark, dude, if I think you’re being even a wee bit anti-Semitic, I’m going to stop going to your awesome movies, buying your super-cool music….hmm, never mind, it’s a moot point.)


UPDATE:  OK, so, even if Marky Mark wasn’t in on the joke from the beginning, SNL went above and beyond to find a way for him to save face.

(And I think I’ve found a new pre-mid-life crisis getter-overer in the form of that delicious little Andy Samberg.  You’re going straight onto my list, Andy, you and that big beautiful nose of yours.)

21 responses to “Watch Your Ass, Samberg

  1. Seriously, ever since I saw NKOTB (booyah) my life has been overflowing with Wahlbergs. Like, I’m seeing them EVERYWHERE. I am completely comfortable with that, because I love them. Both of them.

    That Samberg sketch? Genius. I cried. From laughing. “Hey, donkey, what’s goin on? You’re a donkey. I like that. You eat apples, right? I produce Entourage.”

  2. Oh, AND (I am dropping more comments than Q-Tip drops beats) I agree…I hope Mark is just anti large noses, not Jews.

    But you know, Samberg did make fun of a guy who went to jail for assault.

  3. I don’t think it’s dropping, more like gently placing the comments.

    Actually, now that I’ve gone back, the skit was way funnier than I remember it. “Eachoo”. And the plant bit makes it make more sense. Which makes me sad, in a way.

  4. Moot point is right!
    I’m sincerely hoping he was kidding. I think he was kidding. He wasn’t doing a great job of it — thank God he’s not an actor or something! — but I think he was kidding.

  5. forcing him to create his own family, in the form of a Funky Bunch

    tee HEE hee hee!!!

  6. Ya know, I’d like to think that he was perhaps in on the joke. Maybe even encouraged it a wee bit. It would make sense. SNL has been tanking for years, but they’ve begun the climb up again mainly due to the election season. Publicity never hurts, and this may be just another stunt.

    But then again, Wahlberg hasn’t ever been one to grab at that kind of stuff. He’s fairly low key.

    His “performance” seemed to freak Kimmel out a bit.

    Now I need to Youtube the whole thing . . .

    (BTW, please, I beg you, AVOID “The Happening” like a dirty diaper left in the sun too long. Please?! If you watch it, don’t say I didn’t warn you. I LOVE M. Night, but this movie sucked ass . . . )

  7. If I may, I did some digging and found this informative link:

    Apparently, Mark Wahlberg dissed SNL in the New York Post first, and he sounded quite serious.

    As one writer said, if SNL doesn’t do a follow up skit on tonight’s show, then something’s seriously wrong . . .

  8. All I can say about Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch is that they erupted into a huge food fight before a show here in Toronto at the Danforth City Music Hall, involving more cream pies than any supposedly hetero band should really have in their repertoire. I was too young to have been in attendance, but my dad spent the entire time dodging veggies and trying to cover up the expensive equipment that didn’t belong to them.

    Do you think maybe Wahlberg would calm the hell-ass down if someone just gave him a fruit basket?

  9. Pearl: I’m going to lean towards kidding, now.

    Deb: Thank you for noticing. I liked that too.

    Nursemyra: Many do.

    Tysdaddy: Really, has M. Knight had a half decent movie since Unbreakable? Really?

    Em: Or maybe some bran muffins. The hell-ass. I dig that.

  10. he’s already a fruit basket, but short of an orange or two. heard tell he’s got a big banana though

  11. Myra, I do hope you’re not basing that assumption on the last scene from Boogie Nights. Because that was some really good prosthetic work. TRUST me. I checked. Thoroughly.

  12. haha… no, that’s not where the rumour started

  13. GINNY!!! I’m back!!! Thanks for coming over . . .

    I had no idea this was all going on. In fact, I thought that I was the only person in the world that thought the “Mark talks to animials” skit was the funniest thing ever. I watched it live, and laughed my silly butt off. (Of course it could have had something to do with the fact that earlier that night I had accidentally taken one of my husband’s oxycontin [thinking it was a flexeril — muscle relaxer], but the jury’s still out on that one.)

    I guess I need to look at the timeline. I think it all may have been a plan to get attention for his new movie. (I.e., skit goes up, Mark gets mad, goes on media tour talking about taking Adam out, goes on SNL to do follow-up skit, and then BOOM, commercials for Max Payne are in every break.)

  14. I never saw Boogie Nights, but I will now.

  15. I liked the skit because I could completely imagine my husband saying, “Yeah Marky Mark. You can go talk to our animals and shit. But I’ll be following you around with a shot gun in case…”

  16. Myra: I’m quite sure that if anyone could get to the bottom of it, it’s got to be you.

    FP: Glad you’re back, too. I’m out of the video-game-turns-into-a-movie loop, or maybe I would have figured out what was going on. Or not. I can be pretty dim.

    Captain: Actually not a bad movie at all, if I remember right. Plus, that last scene…well, once you’ve seen it, you can’t unsee it.

    MongolianGirl: Awesomeness begets awesomeness…

  17. Billy: I still don’t know if I liked that movie or not. I certainly WANTED to like that movie…but that scene? Perfection.

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