Actually, It’s Not All That Hip To Be Square



I’m walking across the Safeway parking lot. Faintly, from a distance, I hear the thumping of a car stereo. Not the “thump, thump, THUMPTHUMP” of dance music. More subtle. And it’s not all bass. It’s probably the best sounding car stereo I’ve heard in a while. And it’s loud.


The sound gets closer. Finally, I figure out which car this music is coming from. It’s an unassuming little beige Volvo. Four door. Behind the wheel is a man. Early 40’s. Glasses, not a lot of hair. Chubby. His head sits directly on his shoulders, unburdened by a neck. He brings to mind a toy we had when I was a kid.


Because I’m pretty sure this guy wobbles, but doesn’t fall down, either.  (I’m also pretty sure he lives in his mom’s basement.)  (But if you asked him, he’d tell you his mom lives with him.)


At any rate, he is enjoying the hell out of this song. His head bobs along, agreeing with every word. Occasionally, he slaps the steering wheel with his palm, to emphasize a point. He half-sneers; he is bad-ass, just like this song.


As he goes past, I can finally make out lyrics, and figure out what this anthem is that he’s listening to.





It’s “Stuck With You”, by Huey Lewis & The News.



(Photo by Bek_alkaline3)


25 responses to “Actually, It’s Not All That Hip To Be Square

  1. Hilarious! But then again, I’ve been known to rock out to Huey once in a blue moon, too… I usually do it in the confines of my own home though! 😉

  2. I wish I could be that bloody happy…

  3. This is no Power of Love, but what’re ya gonna do?

  4. IT’s those little things that make you smile.

  5. Grrr. I liked that song. Now for the rest of my life I’ll probably picture being serenaded by a weeble who is desperately in love with me. And that’s just too freaky to be flattering.

  6. I LOVE HUEY LEWIS & THE NEWS!!! No, seriously. I love them.
    I was caught singing in the car to Rod Stewart’s, “Do Ya’ Think I’m Sexy”. What a jam!

  7. A ladyfriend of mine said recently, “Allen, you can’t keep with the beat.” I can’t dance either, but at least it’s good to know I’m not at the bottom of the Doofus Food Chain.

  8. That’s is so funny, his mom probably makes him turn down the music at home.

  9. Katie: That’s because you were raised right.

    Xbox: Well, you could be, you know. Go out to the car, fire up the cassette deck, and grab a cheeseburger. Let me know how it went.

    Rassles: Exactly. “Stuck With You” is probably in my bottom 2 Huey songs. Power of Love, I could have gotten on board.

    Mkhblink: Welcome! And he was rockin’ out too intently to be approachable.

    faemom: Those little things are pretty much ALL I’ve got, most days.

    Lara: He might be a weeble, but he’ll always be YOUR weeble.

    Billy: I think I like Rod better than Huey. Probably the accent. Christ, I love a good Scottish accent!

    Allen: The fact that you are aware of a Doofus Food Chain automatically means that you are not at the bottom of it 🙂

    Florida Girl: AND wash his own sheets.

  10. awesome. Huey Lewis. I haven´t thought about Huey Lewis in ages. Thanks for taking me back.

  11. Good thing you aren’t in Michigan and talking about a silver Taurus or I might have thought you’d spotted Bill. LOL!

  12. I was all worried you wouldn’t let me comment on your blog again if I admitted I used to rock out to Huey all the way to Mid-Missouri to see my parents (where I was NOT living in their basement). But…uh…I can see that won’t be a problem. Unless you plan on ousting all of us. The question now becomes…Am I going to get beaten up if I admit I got all turned off by Huey when he got those NFL stars to sing with him on that one song.

  13. Useless fact – we have a car stereo and cassette player wired into the press behind our bathroom mirror.

    The previous house owners were ‘fixer uppers’.

  14. That is awesome!! I saw a guy like that in a Lamborghini last weekend. He was listening to Meatloaf’s, “I Would Do anything For Love”….and I am betting that poor bastard would!!!

  15. That Huey song is jaunty. I am so old, I met him once at NorCal house party, back before The News. I only remember because I found him to be annoying and I asked my friend the hostess who the hell he was. He was jaunty that night too.

    Andy Woodenstop

  16. Oh God, I love that song! Who am I!?!?

  17. Blink: “a man deep in Huey”…I had no idea…

    Nursemyra: Wow, you never know who’s gonna be a raving Huey fan, do you?

    Bluestreak: You’re welcome. And I bet Huey is grateful to be thought about.

    Sue: Maybe he took the looooong way home? In someone else’s car?

    Mongoliangirl: Oh goodness, love of Huey won’t get you banned! And the NFL song may have turned you off, but it cannot be denied that Huey made “We Are The World” 43% better. Just by showing up.

    Xbox: Fixer uppers – from a trailer park? Do they even HAVE trailer parks in your little corner of the world?

    Gigi: I know; I’m sure this guy would give his left one to be “stuck” with someone. Or maybe he’s perfectly happy in the basement. Who’s to know?

    Mark: I dig the word jaunty. I’m going to try to insert it into conversation all day tomorrow.

    Emerald: We all have that “Who am I?” moment. Mine was when I was RAWKIN’ out in the car. Then I looked at the radio, to see what station I was on. Christian Rock. Oh. Yeah.

  18. Dude, I’ve rocked out to Huey before. What are you saying, huh? Are you saying Huey isn’t the shizz-nit?

    Yeah. You’re right.

  19. Are you living in 1985? Have you taken some souped up DeLorean above 80 mph and landed back in the land of shoulder pads and pastels?

  20. Steve: Um, I plead the fifth. Except I’m Canadian, so it doesn’t apply to me. Whatever.

    FreeMan: I WISH I was living in 1985. I looked so good in shoulder pads. They balanced me out in a way that I have not been able to recreate since. (Fun fact I just remembered: my mom had a bathrobe with shoulder pads, back in the day. Because god forbid, you wake up in the morning and don’t look like a linebacker.)

  21. Wow that song brings back memories! Wish I could just lose myself in a song while driving … probably end up in the boot of the car in front ……

  22. Were your mom’s shoulder pads “Italian” and extra big?

    Sorry, medicine hasn’t kicked in yet today… >o

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