Pour Vous, Rassles

I love the Discovery Channel.  But a lot of the time, I forget that I love the Discovery Channel.  I get distracted by its more glamorous cousins, like TLC, and that damn “Jon & Kate Plus 8”.

Because at the end of a hard day, there’s nothing like spewing vitriol at a television screen, “You’re an anal retentive moron, Kate!  Can’t you see that your husband’s eyes have glazed over, and he’s just praying for the sweet release of death?  For christ’s sakes, the human vagina is not a clown car!”, and so on.


But the other day, Rassles reminded me that NOTHING beats an afternoon devoted solely to Mythbusters.  And if she didn’t convince me, this commercial finished me off.  Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the “I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing” of this generation.



Have a great weekend, folks!


21 responses to “Pour Vous, Rassles

  1. I have seen promos for Jon & Kate Plus 8 and they are scary as hell to me. One of them showed her going into the delivery room with a belly distended in ways God did not intend. Oog.

  2. Clown car made me snort/chuckle. You funny! I wandered over from the gimcrack and very much enjoyed reading your thoughts. I watched the Discovery piece and was shocked that they would sing “I love when Great Whites fly” while showing an Orca breeching… which brings us back to Kate, based on what max saw.

    Otto Griebling

  3. We watch a lot of Jon & Kate Plus 8. All I can say is WTF were they thinking? Although, they are not nearly as crazy as the Duggars. I can’t believe her uterus hasn’t just called a truce and fallen out of her body from sheer exhaustion.

    Love Mythbusters. (Seriously… Tory? Humina, humina, humina!) Love Deadliest Catch. Love Dirty Jobs. The Discovery Channel rocks.

  4. Those jon & kate folk make my colon itch.

    I’m the youngest of 8, as were every other kid in school.

    Big swinging deal.

  5. Max: It’s not even a belly at that point – more of a semi-gated community.

    Mark: Welcome! Myra’s people are ALWAYS welcome here. The similarities between the Orca and Kate are striking. But I bet the Orca isn’t quite as much of a whinging biatch.

    Sue: Oh god, the Duggars are a whole other post altogether. I often have to watch Dirty Jobs from behind my hand, but I love that too.

    Xbox: I think they make a cream for that. Not that I’d know. Ahem.

    Emerald: Thank you, dahling. You are such a giver. And that was adorable.

  6. I’m not sure the nurse would leap at the opportunity to claim me but I’ll take a welcome under any circumstance in this often cool world. And at the risk of observing this in the wrong place, from your tiny, tiny picture I’d suggest that the celebrity you resemble would be either Jimmy or Reece Witherspoon, in much the same way that max looks a bit like either Hiram or Sandra Bullock. I am like a little blue snowflake, apparently, which may explain why I find the world cool.

    Andy Devinelike

  7. OK. That ‘vagina is not a clown car’ thing is too funny. It took me a minute to be able to keep reading.
    I cannot watch Mythbusters because most of the myths they bust…well…I just cannot make myself care. Is that wrong?

  8. I am like, seven times “so” excited that you dig the Mythbusters. Not that it came as a surprise or anything, because if anything is cool, I know that you like it. Thinking about starting a scale of coolness, and having the lowest being “Sarah Palin” and the highest being “Mahfuckin Ginny.”

  9. Mongoliangirl: While the clown car comparison is not original, it just felt right. And Mythbusters, it is not for everyone. I’ll watch your share, OK?

    Rassles: Did you watch today? When they lit the whole fucking lab on fire? Oh. Yeah.

  10. Now that I know they lit an entire fucking lab on fire I might just watch. In the meantime I’m glad to know Rassles & ‘Mahfuckin Ginny’ have me covered.

  11. I had every intention of it, but I was all up in Battlestar Galactica. Don’t even get me started on that shit.

  12. Jon and Kate plus 8 makes me happy to be me. I can actually smell the sticky and sweaty kids. Here’s to another year of being single and not being Jon and wishing for an anvil over the head sent from Heaven.

  13. I can’t believe Kate hasn’t gotten over being so anaul about being clean. You have eight kid! Get over it!

    And I love Mythbusters too. I force the boys to watch it. See, science is fun!

  14. Faemon, you FORCE the boys to watch it? MY son would watch 24/7 if he could. He even has a boxed set of DVD’s so he can watch anytime….

    Actually, I gave that to him for Christmas. I like Mythbusters, too. Crazy, wacko people. The best part is when they bust the myth and then say, what WOULD we have to do to make this case true??? Hmmm, a penny falling off the empire state building will not embed itself into a passerby’s skull? Well, let’s see, what WOULD make that happen? How about this friggin AK47…? I don’t know, let’s try it!

    LOL 🙂

  15. Jon & Kate make me feel pretty fucking lucky I don’t have eight kids– I can’t take watching that show too much and it’s slim pickins’ on tv in Australia.

  16. Billy: If that show doesn’t encourage vigilant birth control, I don’t know what will.

    faemom & writinggb: My son gets bored with it, too. Until the explosions start.

    Florida Girl: Welcome! And I agree, I wouldn’t want 8 kids. But I would like a buttload of money, free plastic surgery, free vacations…

  17. I do NOT get the John and Kate thing. I watched it for five minutes and said, “God. Does he not realize she’s a complete bitch?”

    I think she’s got him in a vice though. Can you imagine child support for 8 kids? It’s easier to just stay with her until he’s dead.

  18. SS: Actually, child support is the one thing Jon DOESN’T have to worry about. Because of an inscrutable contract put together by a shadowy cabal of lawyers, the children are actually owned by TLC. (Except the one with glasses. TLC knows a liability when it sees one.)

  19. Damn I love that ad. And we love saying boom de ya da in a Stephen Hawking voice to each other.

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