How To Be in Two Places at Once


I’ve got a guest post up at “The Cheek of God.”  The blog belongs to a guy named Brian.  I”met” him when he submitted his site for a review at “Ask & Ye Shall Receive.”  I’d been through the same experience a month before, so I automatically admired the guy’s moxie.


What could a chick with a blog whose title invokes Darwin have in common with a guy who name checks God?  For starters, we share a penchant for big words.  (“Palimpsest”???  Who knew what that was, without looking it up?  For real?)  Plus, neither one of us takes ourself too seriously.  And I like his writing.  A lot.


Feel free to poke around The Cheek.  Tell Brian I said to say “Hi”.


(Photo by Lee Gonzalez)


7 responses to “How To Be in Two Places at Once

  1. I like that blog also. He’s a hell of a storyteller.

  2. “tube socks filled with sand”– i can especially relate to that right now! 🙂 i just throw mine over my shoulder and try not to think about it. great post.

  3. “Throw mine over my shoulder”?! OMG!

    Ginny, you are too kind . . .

  4. Chick: Word.

    Gina: Thank you. And we should really form a support group.

    Brian: I am no such thing. But thanks. (BTW, Gina’s a brand new blogger, but she’s made me laugh out loud more than a couple of times.)

  5. so where’s Gina’s blog? there’s no link…

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